Aussie Tipple Company brings craft cocktails home

If I were Oprah, this would definitely be one of my favourite things. Genius crowd-funded start-up The Aussie Tipple Company is creating cocktails in a bottle so all you have to do is chill, pour and chill. But it’s going to need a bit of help from you too.

The Aussie Tipple Company Pozible campaign - Dry Martinis

If you’ve ever wanted that slick cocktail bar experience – that perfectly made martini or awesome old fashioned – in the comfort of your own home, now’s your time to shine.

The Aussie Tipple Company is the brainchild of Kathleen Davies, founder of Nip of Courage. She works with a list of tiny Australian craft distilleries from around Australia that are creating some absolutely world-class spirits.

Now Kathleen has pulled together these distillers and master mixologists to create classic cocktails in a bottle.

The Aussie Tipple Company Pozible campaign

The Aussie Tipple Company

Thanks to the crowd-funding platform Pozible, you can – nay, must – get behind this amazing campaign to bring Aussie cocktails back to your place.

So far, there are 4 different cocktails on the menu:

The white rye espresso martini using Belgrove white rye, the dry gin martini with Stone Pine dry gin, the rum old fashioned uses Black Gate single barrel rum and the negroni also uses Stone Pine dry gin.

All the other ingredients – the bitters, the vermouths, the syrups, the liqueurs, even the coffee – is from Australia too. They’re all mixed for you so the hard work’s all done. All you have to do is chill them, pour into a glass and enjoy.

Each cocktail comes in one of these beautifully crafted bottles in two different sizes: individual 100ml bottles and 1-litre bottles.

The Aussie Tipple Company Pozible campaign - Espresso Martinis

If you want to be part of this amazing concept (no one has ever done this before), your help will be really appreciated. Check out the Pozible campaign here. 

Most of these distilleries are in isolated parts of this enormous country, but perhaps that’s the secret: their remoteness means these distillers – these mad scientists – have nothing better to do than to create some of the most spectacular gin, rum and whisky you’ll ever taste.

A bit more on the distillers

We’ve had the privilege of meeting all the distillers involved with The Aussie Tipple Company. And I’ve got to say, they’re all lovely.

Genise Hollingworth runs Black Gate Distillery in Mendooran, NSW (yeah, we didn’t know where that was either till we went there!). Genise makes the rum and her husband Brian makes whisky. Here’s what we’ve written about the lovely Hollingworths.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Black Gate - Mr, Mrs and Brian

Ian Glen runs Stone Pine Distillery in Bathurst, NSW pretty much all by himself. He makes amazing gin and varietals, and an excellent spiced black rum called Dead Man’s Drop. By the way, if you ever get a chance to try Ian’s black truffle gin, it’ll change your life.

Peter Bignell is the mad scientist behind Belgrove Distillery in Kempton, Tasmania. Peter makes all manner of things in his doughty homemade still. His is without a doubt the greenest distillery in the world – just look it up. Peter’s white rye is remarkable and the first of its kind in Australia. He also makes a ginger root spirit called the Ginger Hammer that you need to try.

The Aussie Tipple Company Pozible campaign - Dry Martinis

So please get behind this campaign. Your help and love is so important to this concept that has the potential to change the way Australian spirits and cocktails are seen on a global scale.

Click here to see how you can get involved and of course what’s in it for you!

Thank you for supporting this amazing concept. We’re really excited about what this can achieve.

Jim and Christina x

Images by Mrs Romance and courtesy of The Aussie Tipple Co.

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