The book guide for guys: 9 reads for the holidays

When you’ve eaten and drunk your fill, and you’re looking for something to do, make sure you’ve got one of these awesome reads nearby. Check out our holiday book guide for guys – these reads will keep you busy and out of trouble right through the holidays!

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men

After the excitement of not being at work has worn off, there’s not much better than the entertainment of a good book. And by ‘good book’, there’s a whole range of literature around that can fit the bill.

And let’s face it: it doesn’t have to be an intellectual work of art to keep my attention gripped.

Sometimes all I want is look at beautiful pictures or read some funny facts. Sometimes I want to sink into a great novel or delve into a bit of history. Or even learn more about one of my favourite subjects: beer!

Here are several books we’ve recently discovered which are perfect for that bit of alone time you need over the holidays.

The book guide for guys: 9 reads for the holidays

1. Burke & Wills – Peter Fitzsimons

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men - Burke & Wills

Burke & Wills brings this tragic yet inspiring tale of the 1860s attempt to cross the Australian continent to life.

It’s the latest work to come from beneath the bandana of Wallaby legend, author and journo Peter FitzSimons, and tells a history of daring, exploration, misfortune and bravery.

Synonymous with the toughness and adventurous spirit that we modern-day Australians embrace as one of our key values, the fateful story of explorers Burke, Wills and King is the perfect Christmas read for Aussie history fans.

Shop it: hardback RRP $49.99 – ebook RRP $16.99

2. Adventures of a Young Naturalist – David Attenborough

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men - David Attenborough

One of my true heroes, Sir David Attenborough’s journeys around the world inspired not only my love of nature but of travel too.

This book chronicles Sir David’s early days from when he was first hired in 1954 by the BBC. He began his travels around the world to find rare and elusive specimens for London Zoo.

Written with his trademark wit and charm Adventures of a Your Naturalist is a Sunday Times Bestseller and – as the Daily Express says “His writing is as impressive and as enjoyable as his TV programmes and there can be no higher praise.”

Shop it: hardback RRP $39.99 – ebook RRP $16.99 

3. Brewdog: Craft Beer for the People – Richard Taylor

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men - Brewdog beer

I’ve had beer books given to me before and usually they’re either a catalogue of weird, rare beers and their breweries or it’s a guide on how to make, pour and drink beer.

This is where Brewdog’s first book is so completely different. This is not just a guide to craft beer and what it all means, it’s an interactive field manual that’s meant to “have beer spilt on not gather dust”.

You’ll find beery cooking recipes, home-brew techniques and beer style guides here. There’s even a customisable beer mat you can pop out and take with you wherever you’re drinking.

Shop it: hardback RRP $39.99

4. Sleeping Beauties – Stephen King & Owen King

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men - Stephen King

Based in an alternate near-future dimension where women disappear from the world, encapsulated by a cocoon as they fall asleep. Men are left to devolve into brutish primitives.

However, one woman, Evie, remains immune to the sleeping curse; but whether she is good or evil remains to be seen.

This well-spun yarn by King and son is another punctuation in the fantasy horror genre. And at 713 pages, Sleeping Beauties should keep the reader busy right through the holidays!

Shop it: paperback RRP $32.99 – ebook RRP $16.99 

5. Does it Fart? – Dani Rabaiotti and Nick Caruso

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men - does it fart?

Coming from a question posed on Twitter in early 2017, the quickly-trending hashtag #doesitfart inspired this book and the contributions from dozens of experts across the world.

With more than a whiff of humour, this fully illustrated (TMI?) book is the leading authority on animal flatulence covering the habits of 80 animals in more detail than you ever knew you needed.

Does It Fart is a book that will allow you to shift the blame onto all kinds of unlikely animals for years to come.

Shop it: hardback RRP $19.99

6. The Pocket Encyclopaedia of Aggravation – Laura Lee

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men - aggravation

Coming to terms with the things that aggravate us is the path to enlightenment. And knowing that there are others out there getting just as grumpy as you about the same things makes you feel a whole lot better.

But discovering that there’s some science and reasoning behind those everyday annoyances somehow make them easier to live with.

The Pocket Encyclopedia of Aggravation looks at the mechanics of all kinds of irritations: dripping taps, flat beer, people cracking their knuckles or standing too close to you, hiccups, snoring and non-apology apologies.

The book’s also small enough to carry around with you so therapy never has to be too far away.

Shop it: hardback RRP $16.99 – ebook RRP $9.99

7. 100 Nasty Women of History – Hannah Jewell

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men - nasty women

Buzzfeed writer Hannah Jewell has compiled this hilarious historical guide to 100 of the world’s boldest, most outspoken and powerful women through the ages.

With chapter titles like ‘Women who wrote dangerous things’, ‘Women who knew how to have a good-ass time’ and ‘Women who punched Nazis’, you know you’re in for a good read with this one. Let your inner male-feminist come forth!

The title draws its inspiration from Donald Trump interrupting Hilary Clinton during the final debate of the 2016 presidential election with the words “such a nasty woman”.

Shop it: paperback RRP $32.99 – ebook RRP $16.99 – also available as an audiobook

8. The Barefoot Investor – Scott Pape

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men - Barefoot Investor

I doubt if the words ‘he’s good with money’ have ever been directed to me. I’m not an irresponsible spender, but I’m not a responsible saver either.

Christina and I started working our way through this book a little while ago and we’re already seeing a difference. We feel more in control of our finances and have already scrubbed a bit of long-term debt that’s been hanging over us.

The Barefoot Investor is an easy-to-follow guide to streamline your cash flow, waterproof your rainy day money and bulletproof your investments. It’s a really smart book.

Shop it: paperback RRP $29.95 – ebook RRP $19.99 

9. Best of the Best – Surfing Australia

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men - surfing

They make it look so easy, don’t they? But if you’ve ever tried standing up on a surfboard, you know it really isn’t.

This hardback photography book features the winners and finalists of the Nikon/Surfing Australia Surf Photo of the Year Award from 2013 to 2017 and takes you along on the ride of a lifetime with some of the best contemporary surfers in the world.

Shop it: hardback RRP $39.99 

Holiday book guide for guys - books for men - surfing

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We hope you enjoy these reads. They’re sure to see you through the holiday season and beyond. And if you have any book recommendations, we’d love to hear them.

Tell us about them in the comments below!

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