7 make-ahead breakfasts to die for

There’s nothing better than waking up to breakfast waiting for you – but that doesn’t happen if you’re making it yourself. We have the perfect hack for this – our 7 favourite make-ahead breakfasts that you have ready in time for tomorrow morning’s feast!

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I’ll be first to admit it: I’m not a morning person. And in fact, I find it hard to trust people who are – with the exception of Mrs Romance, of course.

She’s bubbly and bright almost as soon as she tips out of bed. It’s horrible.

One thing people like me tend to struggle with is multitasking challenge of staying positive and making breakfast first thing. I usually end up with a slice of bread willfully jammed into the toaster while I wait for my caffeine dose to kick in.

There is a way round this unhappy start to the day… if you’re organised.

Here are our top 7 make-ahead breakfasts you can have ready so the pain of thinking about and making breakfast doesn’t bring your morning down.

7 make-ahead breakfasts to curb those early morning blues

Make-ahead smoothies from Baked Bree

Make-ahead breakfasts - Baked Bree - smoothies


Mrs Romance has discovered the virtues of smoothies. She has at least one a day since I bought her a NutriBullet for Christmas. I’m still getting used to the green ones, but the regular smoothies she makes are a delicious way to get the day going.

Bree from BakedBree.com has taken it a step further and batches up smoothies to put in her freezer. It’s a genius idea as it saves your brain from making the smoothie in the morning but also means no noise from the blender in the wee hours.

You can also transfer frozen smoothies to the fridge the night before so they’re soft enough to drink without thawing.

Gluten-free granola… from us!

Make-ahead breakfasts - Mr & Mrs Romance - gluten-free granola

Granola’s a delicious and healthier alternative to breakfast cereals, which can be surprisingly high in processed sugar. It takes too long to make this stuff that morning though, so batching a load of this the night before will sort your breakfasts out for the rest of the week.

This granola keeps for ages in an airtight container and is easily adaptable if you want to experiment with other ingredients.

Hash brown egg nests from The Cookie Jar

Make-ahead breakfasts - The Cookie Jar - hash brown egg nests


This recipe isn’t billed as a make-ahead meal, but it’s so bloody delicious I had to include it. You basically make hash brown, cheese and bacon nests in muffin tins, then crack an egg into each nest and bake ‘em up till they’re crispy!

However, you could make up the nests the night before, pop them in the fridge or freezer then crack the eggs and bake them in the morning. They only take about 15 minutes to cook, so you could have them going while you’re in the shower.

Apricot yoghurt scones from The Kitchn

Make-ahead breakfasts - The Kitchn- apricot Yogurt Scones


These breakfast scones will keep you going all the way until lunch and the fruit deals with that morning sweet tooth you get sometimes (or all the time if you’re Mrs R!).

I’d like to try these with chopped date instead of apricot too.

Overnight oats 3 ways from Five Heart Home

Make-ahead breakfasts - Five Heart Home - raspberry nutella overnight oats


This is a play on bircher muesli that I think actually sounds nicer. It’s really good if you want to manage the amount of sugar you have in the morning and if you’re following a raw diet too.

These three different overnight oat recipes all sound excellent – though I’m torn between the raspberry and Nutella one or the peanut butter and banana. As you may have guessed, these options don’t have much regard for your sugar consumption!

Yoghurt and muesli parfaits from Taste.com.au

Make-ahead breakfasts - The Kitchn - Apricot yoghurt


A parfait for breakfast is a great way to start the day. They look beautiful, taste amazing and hold the munchies off till lunch.

I definitely wouldn’t have the patience to put something like this together in the morning, but you can construct them the night before and pop them in the fridge. The yoghurt softens the muesli too, which helps with that whole effort of chewing problem first thing.

Kale and feta muffins from I Quit Sugar

These muffins are the perfect ducking-out-the-door breakfast you can grab as you leave. They’re fairly easy to make and last for quite a while in sealed containers in the fridge.

And besides, who doesn’t like feta cheese?

Make-ahead breakfasts - I Quit Sugar - Sweet Potato Muffins


If you’re still in need of a helping hand to drag you into the morning mindset, perhaps our food maths theorem will help. We’ve created the breakfast equation to help you work out how you prefer your first meal of the day. See if it works for you.

And if you’re looking for an argument (as I apparently am every morning), check out mine and Mrs Romance’s differing opinion on what makes a good breakfast.

Are you a morning person or a total grouch first thing? How do you cope with making breakfast every day? Tell us in the comments below.

This post was researched and inspired by Becci Sciberras, who completed work experience with us recently.


  • These all look delicious and hark, there’s one for every day of the week! A make ahead breakfast is quintessential to easy and delicious mornings. We’ve just got on the savoury muffin train and now we’re on, we just can’t get off!

  • We’re big fans of chia pudding in our house… well, I was, but now I’ve kind of gone off it because we thrashed it… so this is a very timely post for me indeed! Yum!

    • Reply April 2, 2016

      Mr Romance

      Excellent stuff, Sonia. Glad we could be of service! I know what you mean about thrashing a dish to death though. It gets to the stage where – no matter how much you love the food – to face one more mouthful of it would be worse than torture… though I don’t think that could ever happen to me with cheese! I’ll always go back for more. Sadly at the other end of the health spectrum to chia pudding though!
      Hope your future breakfasts bring you great joy and happiness.

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