We’re dreaming of a pink Christmas – 5 summer rosés for the festive season

Across the globe, the rosé revolution is taking hold. And there’s no better time to enjoy this international ’coup de glass’ than at Christmas. Here are 5 summer rosés for the festive season.

Summer rosés - Christmas wine - MMR

It’s taken me quite a while to get used to the idea of a hot Christmas. In England, Christmas usually means cups of tea, hefty reds and maybe a drop of sticky port at the end the evening.

But Australia at Christmas requires a cooler more refreshing beverage package.

Aside from the chilly fizz of an icy beer, a glass or two of rosé really hits the spot on those hot sunny Christmas afternoons. With more body and flavour that most white wines, but easier to digest than a bold red, rosé is the style of the summer.

Of course, those canny quaffers in the South of France have been sipping the pink for generations. As a result, the Provençale style is the benchmark for that dry, crisp, refreshing rosé that everyone else is emulating.

Here are 5 summer rosés for the festive season that’ll keep you cool while Santa’s struggling to get his sleigh off the beach.

We’re dreaming of a pink Christmas – 5 summer rosés for the festive season

Summer rosés - Christmas wine - MMR

1. Torresella Pinot Grigio rosé

Veneto, Italy

Sandwiched between the Italian Alps and the lagoon that forms Venice in north-eastern Italy, Veneto is the DOC home of Pinot Grigio.

This rosé edition of Torresella’s classic wine is almost orange it’s so pale. With its colour comes the balanced acidity and mellow fruit flavours you associate with Pinot Grigio.

Perfect for that Christmas barbecue – especially when the prawns come out – or with those light meals you lean towards as summer heats up, Torrella’s rosé is prime Christmas drinking.

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Summer rosés - Christmas wine - MMR

2. Gerard Bertrand Côtes des Roses rosé

Provence, France

You can’t have a rosé list without including at least one bottle from Provence. I think that’s actually a law in the EU. But I think we’d include this bottle even if it weren’t.

This fresh yet full rosé is dangerously drinkable with pretty floral notes tempered with the typical dryness of Provençal rosés.

But apart from that, the bottle is quite remarkable. The base is in the shape of a rose – a nod this wine’s name.

The other unique point about this bottle is its crystal cork. It’s interesting touch, though the cork is quite hard to get out of the bottle. Frustrating when you’re thirsty and there are presents to open!

Shop Gerard Bertrand Côtes des Roses rosé: Dan Murphy’s $19.99 

Summer rosés - Christmas wine - MMR - Cotes des Roses

3. Bloodwood Big Men in Tights rosé

Orange, Australia

One of the darkest (drinkable) rosés we’ve come across, Bloodwood’s Big Men in Tights is as powerful and unique as its name suggests. A majority Malbec wine with a touch of Franc Cabernet thrown in for fun and colour, this is winemaker Stephen Doyle showing his skills and knowledge – not to mention his humour.

In spite of its brilliant colour, this wine delivers the sophistication and delicate dryness you want for summer rosés – though it also drinks superbly in the colder months.

The only downside to this spectacular rosé is a bit hard to find. There are restaurants around that will have it on their menus and there are bottle shops that stock it too like Leura Cellars in NSW at $28 a bottle.

Otherwise, it’s a good excuse to visit Orange, NSW – a beautiful country town – to see Stephen Doyle and his lovely wife Rhonda, and buy direct from their cellar door.

Summer rosés - Christmas wine - MMR - Bloodwood

4. Cat Amongst the Pigeons Jazz Cat Grenache rosé

Barossa, Australia

As red as Santa’s trousers, the Jazz Cat is a rosé that features one of the more difficult – and therefore less common – single varietals: Grenache. It’s also one of my favourites.

Grenache is more often seen blended with other fuller grapes like Shiraz and Mourvedre, but going solo here as a rosé, the grape comes into its own.

An interpretation of that classic Barossa red style, this is a rosé for those indentured red drinkers looking to break those ruddy bonds!

Shop Cat Amongst the Pigeons Jazz Cat Grenache rosé: BWS $23.99

Summer rosés - Christmas wine - MMR

5. Champagne Duperrey Brut rosé

Champagne, France

Rosé is so popular at the moment that even the world’s most famous wine region is making it.

Champagne Duperrey’s classic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir cuvée blend is blushed with the contact of the grape skins. The slight dryness from the tannins of the skins balances the champagne’s natural sweetness to deliver crisp, honey notes and a little sharp citrus as well.

This is definitely a celebration rosé, perfect for that happy Christmas cheers or even something special to see in the new year with.

Shop Champagne Duperrey Brut rosé: Dan Murphy’s $46.99

Summer rosés - Christmas wine - MMR - Duperrey Champagne

There’s nothing like a drop of rosé to see you through the hot months. We hope this helps you choose the pink for your party.

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Do you have any summer favourite rosés? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Summer rosés - Christmas wine - MMR

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