3 Unusual Places to Experience Vivid Sydney 2014

Vivid Sydney is where art, technology and commerce intersect.

Every year, just before the start of winter, Sydney is lit with the weird and wonderful sculptures and installations that Vivid Sydney provides.

Since 2009, Sydney’s streets and waterways have been illuminated by this amazing spectacle. It’s a rare collaboration between artists, techies and the corporate sector. The result is quite brilliant and well worth a visit.

What makes it even rarer is that it’s all free.

Here are our top pics from this year’s Vivid – it’s amazing how it seems to get better and better each year!

Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 Opera House and ferry Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 Harbour Bridge Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 MCA and city Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 MCA Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 Museum of Contemporary Art Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 Blue Opera House Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 MLC Centre - uban tree project Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 Birdcages Angel Place Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 food stalls Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 Martin Place Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 Customs House Mr and Mrs Romance - Vivid Sydney 2014 Opera House

Our top 3 unusual places to experience Vivid

1. O Bar, Level 47 Australia Square, 264 George Street

Set high above the city, O Bar has one of the best views down on the bright streets of Vivid Sydney. It’s the perfect spot to get above the crowds and watch the world scurry by with a tasty cocktail. We love this option – but then we would do – we hate to miss out on a rooftop bar opportunity!

2. Fort Denison, Middle Harbour

Hunkered down amidst the lapping waves of Sydney Harbour, Fort Denison faces the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, and provides an incredible view of the city lights. Get the ferry over there from Circular Quay, which is another awesome way to see the Vivid displays.

As well as getting up close with the Eye, there are special dining offers on for the weekend. Find out more here and bookings are recommended.

It’s also the only crenelated castle in the southern hemisphere. So there.

3. Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay

The steps leading up to the international cruise wharf may look a bit daunting – especially if you have to lug a camera tripod up them – but it’s worth it. Carrying on round to the turret lookout at the far end of the terminal gives you 360o views of the harbour and city. It’s also a prime spot to see the ever-changing masterpiece projected onto the Opera House.

We should also mention that the lights in Martin Place this year are great too.

Our best advice for when to go is after dinner during the week. The shows all go until midnight (apart from the Darling Harbour displays), so bide your time and get there when the after-work crowd have disappeared.

Vivid Sydney 2014 is on until 9th June, so get your skates on!

Have you been to this year’s Vivid Sydney? Or have you been to one in previous years? What did you think? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Images by Mrs Romance.


  • Sooooooo cool! I’m a sucker for fireworks and light displays come a close second. It’s amazing what they can do, isn’t it?

    • Reply May 30, 2014

      Mr Romance

      Mrs Romance is in exactly the same boat, Sonia. She LOVES fireworks. When we were living in the UK I bought her two massive boxes from the shops when it was Guy Fawkes Night (you can buy them at the Seven11s there). I hid them until December so she could have fireworks on her birthday. I think she might’ve cried!
      It really is amazing what they can do with the lights though. The proctor for the Opera House is actually across the other side of Circular Quay on the Overseas Passenger Terminal. There are these little tents full of projectors and tech, and the amount of heat that pumps out from them is incredible. There was also a little man working on a laptop in one of the tents! What a nightmare job, don’t you reckon?

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