21 things to do in Marysville, Victoria

From waterfalls to forests, from top class restaurants to catch-your-own fish farms, and from hikes and snow to luxury spas and hotels, Marysville, Victoria has it all. Reborn from the 2009 ashes, this little alpine town 2 hours from Melbourne is a must-visit.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

Call it a gift or a curse, we love to cram as much into our trips away as possible. It can be exhausting but we do like to think we get as much out of the places we visit as possible – even if it’s just a weekender away somewhere local.

On our recent trip to Marysville in Victoria’s alpine region of the Great Dividing Range, we did quite a bit, but it seems like there’s still plenty for us to see and do. We love this part of Australia and we’ll definitely be back.

The feel of this town, which was so badly ravaged by the fires of 2009, is amazing. The strength of spirit in the people of Marysville to rebuild is remarkable, and to turn the town back into the thriving tourist destination it once was must have taken so much.

The result is an abundance of things to do and see in such a small area, but an area of such impressive natural beauty, it’s hard not to fall in love with this place.

Here are our 21 things to do in and around Marysville:

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

1. Go chasing waterfalls

The perfect combination of rivers and mountains makes the Marysville area amazing for waterfalls.

The closest to town is the Steavenson Falls. It’s also one of Victoria’s highest at 84m. You can get really close to the falls and the decked walk from the car park is an easy 10 minutes.

Otherwise, the nearby Keppel Falls, the Cumberland Falls and the Phantom Falls are also definitely worth checking out.

2. Catch your own fish & have a bbq

There are 2 fish farms in the area – the Marysville Trout and Salmon Farm and the Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm.

You can buy fresh fish or – as we did – some delicious pates and smoked fillets. But if you’ve got more time, you can hire rods and tackle, and catch your own dinner.

They’ll clean and gut the fish for you and away you go.

Even if you don’t want to catch your lunch, you can ask at the counter for a pot of pellets and walk around the ponds to feed the fish. They’re both beautifully maintained farms and it’s fun to see the fish jumping for the food.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

3. The only place to stay – Vibe Hotel

Right in the heart of Marysville, the Vibe is the new face of the town. It’s funky yet comfortable, perfectly located and home to Radius Bar & Grill – the best restaurant in town – and The Spa.

This hotel is small enough for you to get really great personal service yet big enough for you to experience the luxury and facilities we look for in a romantic escape.

We slept perfectly, we ate supremely, we relaxed sublimely and we really got to know the area.

4. Go lolly loco at the Lolly Shop

From this farmhouse style building you can satisfy your sweet tooth with some amazing sugary morsels, but there’s more to this family-run firm than sweets.

They also sell some great little gifts, toys and souvenirs, and the locally baked bread and cakes they sell here are to absolutely die for.

If fact the hotel manager at the Vibe where we stayed let us into this little local secret and set out a quick lunch itinerary that he likes to follow.

Buy a ciabatta loaf from the Lolly Shop (get there early), buy some smoked trout from the Buxton Salmon and Trout Farm and drive up the mountain or into the forest for the perfect picnic. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

5. Hit the slopes at Lake Mountain Resort

During the winter months you have to pay to go into the resort. This is to pay for the snow machines they use to cover the slopes – it’s still too warm and low for much powder to fall here.

During the spring and summer, it’s free to come in. The views out across the Yarra Valley and the mountains are amazing.

If you do come here in the winter, it’s the perfect spot if you’re not a big skier or have kids that just want to play on toboggans.

6. Get a local’s view at Marysville Visitors Centre

With lots of information about places to eat, things to do and see, and to hear what Marysville’s like from a local’s perspective, you need to come here.

Put some time aside and get Reg or Mary to tell you a few yarns of what living in Marysville and the Yarra is like.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

7. Drink in the region with a wine tasting

The Yarra Region boasts some amazing high altitude wines. You have to head southwest of Marysville to Healesville if you want to visit cellar doors. You’ll find the likes of Innocent Bystander, Oakridge and Rochford here.

But if you just want to try a bottle of the local good stuff, the range at Radius Bar and Grill is very good or the stock they have at Marysville Country Bakery is also excellent.

8. Picnics and hikes

There are so many walking trails to get you out and about in these parts. As we’ve mentioned, the walk to Steavenson Falls is a good one.

Otherwise try trails like the Michaeldene Logging Trail, which follows alignments of the old logging trams through the forest to the Taggarty River.

The Cambarville Trail that loops from the picnic area and car park around to the Cumberland Falls is a harder walk. You’re rewarded with sights of enormous 85-metre tall 400-year-old ash forests and the waterfall itself.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

9. Get in a round of golf

If you’re into a spot of whack-a-ball, the Marysville Golf and Bowls Club has one of the most scenic courses in Victoria.

If the 19th hole is more your scene, the clubhouse is the place to go. It’s a bit of a rarity as there are no pokey machines here.

10. Get a sense of history – visit the Phoenix Museum

For a very real insight into what it was like in Marysville during the 2009 fires that devastated the area, the Phoenix Museum is an amazing and incredibly heart-rending experience.

With accounts from locals who lived through the disaster, you really get a feeling of what tragedy this town has gone through. Some of the things you learn about in this museum will stay with you forever.

We highly recommend you go here – but don’t forget to pack tissues.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

11. Chill out at The Spa at Marysville

Since my day at the Ikatan Balinese Day Spa in Noosa, I’ve become a bit of a fan of spas. The Spa at Marysville offers a few different packages and treatments.

Our couples massage was exactly what we needed to put us in a relaxed state of mind needed to get the most out of this beautiful area. The Spa is part of the Vibe Hotel in Marysville town centre.

12. Hang with the locals at the Bucky

If you’re looking for a meal that’s low-key and local, you can’t beat the Bucky – or the Buxton Hotel as outsiders call it. This place is about as homely as a pub can get – think open fires in the winter, outside seating in the summer.

The little kitchen serves up some good Aussie classics, and their wood fire pizzas are incredibly popular, and the bar as some local beers, ciders and wine worth a go.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

13. Hit the road for some scenic drives

There are some excellent mountain roads up and around Marysville, so if you’re into hairpins, switchbacks and driving the bendy-windy, you’ll love this part of Victoria.

In particular, the Black Spur, which brings you right into Marysville from Melbourne, has to be one of the best drives in the country. With the towering forest trees all around you and the mountains looming and delving either side of the road, it feels like you’re in Jurassic Park more than regional Victoria.

It wouldn’t have surprised us if a T Rex had jumped out at us as we were driving along. The scenery is absolutely stunning.

14. Best meal in town at Radius

Being in the Yarra, there are lots of great eating spots nearby, but our meal in Radius Bar and Grill was superb.

We especially like the concept behind Radius; its name refers to the sourcing of the produce used in the restaurant. 85% of everything on your plate has come from within 100kms of Marysville.

The menu is exciting and enticing, and isn’t designed on price for profit. Instead it’s based on quality of ingredients and DOC.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

15. Always room at the inn – Black Spur Inn

A little way out of Marysville is the Black Spur Inn. It’s a local icon and a historic landmark of the area. It’s been housing gold diggers, timber merchants and tourists since 1863.

A great spot for lunch or dinner.

16. Best view of the region at Keppel Lookout

Only a little way out of Marysville, the Keppel lookout is right above the town but gives you some amazing views out over the region right up to the escarpment and up to the mountains.

There are lots of lookouts in these parts but we think that the Keppel is the best.

Stick to the boardwalk or explore a bit further afield – there’s even a hiking trail that takes you all the way down to Steavenson Falls.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

17. Buy some stretchy pants and visit the Marysville Country Bakery

If fudge and cakes are your kind of disco, you can’t miss the Patisserie. We also bought their delicious coconut macaroons and a pack of choc chip shortbread biccies. Yum!

18. Buy local – great produce in the area

The Yarra Region is famous for its produce. From wine to honey, cheese to bread, keep your eye out for local producers or places that stock local stuff. You’ll definitely taste the difference.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

19. Get into Marysville’s café culture

Marysville has a good range of cafés if you’re after a good coffee or a spot of lunch or brekkie. Radius Café, Elevation 123, Fraga’s Café and Marysville Country Bakery are all on the main street and are well worth checking out.

20. Meeting of the Waters at Buxton

One of the walks we’d like to have done but didn’t have chance is to the Meeting of the Waters. It’s an easy 600m walk from the car park through the rainforest to the point where two rivers – the Taggerty River and Whitehouse Creek – come together.

It’s a popular local spot and epitomises the area.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 21 things to do in Marysville Victoria

21. Hit the Coldstream Trail on the way to/from Melbourne

The 10 stops along the Coldstream Trail aim to showcase the amazing produce of the Yarra. We stopped in at a couple on our way back to Melbourne.

Our favourite was the Napoleone Brewery. It’s beautifully designed inside and out, and the taster flights of beers and ciders you can get at the bar are awesome.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 5 reasons you must visit Marysville Victoria

We love getting to know new parts of the Australian countryside. Our trips to Daylesford in Victoria and Mudgee and Orange in NSW have really given us the bug.

Marysville and the Yarra Region really is an exceptional part of the Australian landscape. There’s so much to do, see and learn about here. We’ve got so much out of exploring this area.

When you go to Marysville, we’d also highly recommend you download the Visit Marysville phone app. It’s got lots more detail the area and its fascinating history. There are also audio tracks to guide you around walks and trails.

Mr and Mrs Romance - 5 reasons you must visit Marysville Victoria

Have you been to Marysville? What’s your favourite part of regional Australia? Tell us in the comments!

Images by Mrs Romance.


  • WOW what a beautiful place! It looks absolutely amazing.:)

    • Reply September 11, 2015

      Mr Romance

      It’s stunning, Kat. Really so lovely. You guys would love it here. Well worth the trip. 🙂

  • Reply September 21, 2016


    Thank you for this article! I have been toying with the idea of going to Marysville and your blog had the best description and was way more useful and informative than the tourist sites.
    Can’t wait to explore Marysville now!

    • Reply September 21, 2016

      Mr Romance

      Thank you, Tatiana! Your comment’s really made my day! So glad you found our info useful. Marysville is a really pretty town with so much heart. Certainly a good place to spend the weekend. Have fun

  • Reply June 18, 2020

    Yasemin Sezer

    Is it suitable for families with kids and is there snow this time of the year.

    • Reply June 20, 2020

      Mr Romance

      Hi Yasemin. Yes, I think kids would enjoy Marysville. The lolly shop there is amazing and there are plenty of outdoor activities to do there too. I believe they use a snow machine in the ski fields around Marysville as the powder isn’t that good. Still quite low. So yes, there should be snow if they have the machines running. Hope that helps. 🙂

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