11 Easter recipes that have us drooling

It’s that time of year when the internet is thick with Easter recipes. It’s almost too busy to keep track. Especially, like us, you’re so busy exploring your chocolate dreams you forget to bookmark everything you want to cook this long weekend. Here are the top 11 Easter recipes that have caught our eye this year.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Easter wrap 16 - title

Easter. It’s an important time of year in religious terms. So when food is your religion, this time of year gets a triple underline with bold, italics and probably a few asterisks too.

I don’t usually have much of a sweet tooth, which is probably just as well. My savoury tooth already sticks out past my nose. But Easter is when I allow my sugar fang to step forth and indulge itself.

With so many delicious things to look at online at the moment, we thought we’d put together some of our favourites that we’ve been dwelling on. If you want to cook anything this Easter, here’s your shortlist!

11 Easter recipes that have us drooling

Gluten-free brownie stack from My Kitchen Stories

My Kitchen Stories - brownie stack


Just the photo of this beauty had us gurgling like babies. This is a work of art. From the giant brownies used to make the mainstay of the cake to the river of toasted meringue rolling down the side, this is genius.

It’s pretty involved, this recipe though – I’ve got a feeling mine won’t look quite as good as Tania’s!

Easy Easter egg slice from The Annoyed Thyroid

The Annoyed Thyroid - easy Easter egg slice


There are 2 things I love about Sammie’s recipe. 1, it’s easy. 2, it’s got mini eggs in it. I don’t know why – perhaps because they’re not available all year round – but I seriously lust after those mini eggs. Crispy on the outside, milk choc in the middle…

Anyway, total digression – this recipe looks, sounds and is fantastic. We’ve been lucky enough to sample this delight in person!

Slutty Australian brownies from Lipstick and Cake

Lipstick and Cake - slutty Australian brownies 1


If there’s one thing that Steph does well, it’s cake. Of course, she does many other things well, but she really knows how to indulge that sweet tooth. These Australian slutty brownies are an evolutionary step forward from her original slutty brownies – or Slutties as I like to call them.

And what a step forward. All I’m going to say is if you like Tim Tams, you’ll love this!

Chocolate refrigerator cake from My Kitchen Stories

My Kitchen Stories - choc refridgerator cake


Another of Tania’s well-crafted creations – actually this is her grandmother’s – and just as delicious. She claims it’s easy, and that she’s just prettied it up for Easter, but I think it’s quite impressive, don’t you?

Read her harrowing tale of Easter memories that goes with this recipe. If nothing else, it gave me more feelings to eat, which I’ve heard are quite low in calories…?

Chocolate chip hot cross buns from Bake Play Smile

Bake Play Smile - Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns 1


Mrs Romance always views hot cross buns with a certain level of suspicion. It’s mostly because the cross should taste of something but is actually flavourless and also because there’s fruit in there somewhere. But Lucy’s fixed everything for Mrs R but swapping out the fruit for chocolate and the white paste cross on top for, well, chocolate.

Well played, Lucy. Well played indeed!

Gorgeous chocolate cake with Easter eggs from My Kitchen Stories

My Kitchen Stories - choc cake with Easter eggs


Tania’s once again brought something special to the Easter table. This one is easy, she promises. It’s also one of those cakes that improves the longer it’s left in the fridge. Within reason, of course. Don’t make this at Christmas and expect it to be ok now.

I love how bright and colourful this cake is – perfect for kids and ‘kidults’ alike.

Easter basket cupcakes from Not Quite Nigella

Not Quite Nigella - Easter basket cupcakes


I love this idea from Lorraine. It’s so clever, and check out those piping skills. I think if I tried this, it’d look more like a brown plant pot.

My only misgiving is how that fluffy chick is staring at me. I think it’s trying take my soul.

Pocky Easter egg nest cake from Love Swah

Love Swah - Pocky Easter egg nest cake 1


Look at all those mini eggs! It’s like I’ve died and gone to mini egg heaven.

I love how Sarah’s used Pocky sticks here too – though I’d have sharpened the ends to create some kind of security around my beloved mini eggs. Mmmm. Mini eggs!

Orange sweet rolls from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Sally's Baking Addiction - orange sweet rolls 1


Everything that Sally’s written to go with this excellent recipe had me drooling over my keyboard. It was a bit embarrassing as I was in a café when I found it. Never mind.

To quote: “they’re puffy. They’re zingy. They’re dripping with sweet orange glaze.” Dry mouth still? You have no soul. Perhaps one of Lorraine’s fluffy chicks took it!

Gluten free macadamia shortbread cookies from… well, us!

Mr & Mrs Romance - gluten free macadamia cookies

Not an egg, bunny or evil fluffy chick in sight with this recipe, so how’s it an Easter recipe, you may ask. Well, in Australia, it’s around this time of year that macadamia nuts are harvested, so I thought it was appropriate to cook these up and tell you about them.

These cookies are extremely easy to make and are so tasty one of my mates, who doesn’t even like macadamias (I know, weird right?) refused to share the gift we made of them with his wife.

Slow-cooked lamb with tahini sauce from us again!

Mr & Mrs Romance - slow-cooked lamb 1

If you’ve had enough of the sweet stuff and you’re looking for an Easter main meal recipe, lamb’s the way to go.

This time of year is one of the few times when seasonally, the whole world is almost on the same page. Australia’s autumn is quite similar to the northern hemisphere’s spring, so this delicious roast fits perfectly.

By the way, this is not our own recipe. We were given it by our friend Charlie from Hotly Spiced, who in turn got it from Tania from My Kitchen Stories, who you should know well by now.

This recipe not only works, it’s absolutely awesome.

What will you be making this Easter? Do you have a sweet or savoury tooth? Do you feel the fear from that fluffy chick too? Tell us in the comments!


  • It doesn’t get more delicious than that! What an egg-cellent selection – thanks for including mine! There’s something for every bunny to love here!

    • Reply March 26, 2016

      Mr Romance

      You are the true Easter pun bunny, Sammie! Thanks for coming up with such a delight of a recipe for us to share!

  • Ooh thank you so much for the shout out!! Love the sound of everything here and your cookies are drool worthy! So you mind if I share this on my facebook page? X

    • Reply March 26, 2016

      Mr Romance

      No worries at all, Lorraine! Thank you for all of your delicious things – not just the cupcakes! Yes, those cookies don’t last long round here. They’re really good. By all means, share away!

  • Reply April 4, 2016


    Thanks for featuring my Pocky Cake! I hope you guys had a lovely Easter break xx

    • Reply April 5, 2016

      Mr Romance

      Our pleasure, Swah! Thank you for producing such a lovely cake! Great shots too!

  • Thank you so much for including my hot cross buns!!! Sorry I’m a bit late replying (I’m blaming the lack of sleep that goes with a 6 week old baby!!). Hope you had a wonderful Easter! xx

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