What does romance mean to you? Nikki Parkinson from Styling You

Nikki Parkinson from StylingYou.com.au is a pioneer, a diplomat and a figurehead of the blogging industry. She also loves things shaped like pineapples! Today she shares with us her answer to the question: what does romance mean to you?

Mr & Mrs Romance - what does romance mean?

Nikki Parkinson is a full time professional blogger and one of the most generous and hard working people we know.

Inspiring confidence in women all over Australia with her blog, Styling You, she really listens and gives real advice every day.

A former journalist, Nikki says she stumbled into blogging, but we’d say she has created her own dream job. She even took out the Telstra micro business of the Year award in Queensland.

What is romance? Styling You - Nikki Parkinson

Nikki knows how to platter and is the queen of easy entertaining, and her profile speaks of a seemingly limitless knowledge of style and fashion.

Here’s what Nikki has to say about romance:

What does romance mean to you: Nikki Parkinson – Styling You

1. What’s something romantic that someone has done for you?

On our first holiday together, my husband booked a dinner out for us at a cliffside restaurant on Santorini in Greece.

The food, wine and location were mind-blowing and on the tables were unusual candleholders that I just had to have. He tracked them down on the island and bought them for our first home.

2. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone else?

I once entered a radio competition that won my husband a boys’ footy weekend away – on Mother’s Day weekend!

3. What everyday small things do you find romantic?

When my husband does the washing up and ironing – that’s everyday romance right there!

4. What do you think is romantic that others might not?

I love creating a romantic mood each evening via subtle lighting and candles.

What is romance? Styling You - Nikki Parkinson

Thank you Nikki for sharing your insight into romance. We so agree that it’s about something personal and not about a big, grand gesture.

Make sure you check out Nikki’s site Styling You, where you’ll find an incredible community of women working towards Nikki’s central goal: “to help you feel confident in your everyday style.”

What is romance? Styling You - Nikki Parkinson

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And how about you? What does romance mean to you? Tell us in the comments!

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