Wine Please – the new wedding gift registry that makes us want to get married again

Wedding presents can be hard to buy, and a traditional wedding gift registry can often be more of a hindrance than a help. But this new type of wedding gift registry could be the answer. When the question comes up: “What do you want for a wedding present?”, the answer’s easy: Wine Please!

Wedding gift registry - Wine Please - Mr and Mrs Romance

It’s not much of a mystery why buying presents for friends’ or a family member’s wedding is hard. You’re looking for that perfect wedding gift that says so many things and reaches that perfect balance.

It’s impossible.

Let’s look at the criteria for that ‘perfect’ wedding present. Perhaps then it’s be clearer why this is such a difficult quest. A wedding gift has to be:

– Memorable
– Romantic
– Unique
– Useful
– Something the couple actually wants or needs
– It also needs to be valuable or expensive enough to show how much you care but at the same time within a reasonable budget so you can still feed and house yourself.

And I think this is roughly the order of priority for modern day wedding gifts too. But wedding presents used to have a different purpose, didn’t they? They were supposed to help the newlyweds build their home together. Fill their house with expensive items they’d need to equip their new home.

Wedding gift registries used to help with that problem. The betrothed could fill a list with all the things they needed so there’d be no double-ups or unwanted items.

Now, instead of solving problems, traditional wedding gift registries seem to just make bigger ones. There’s nothing on them that you really want to buy the couple; and if they’re honest, there’s probably not much on the list the couple really needs either.

Wedding gift registry - Wine Please rosé - Mr and Mrs Romance

People getting married these days already have everything they need. So now you’re left with a different problem.

Do you buy off the list or do you go for the $20 cushion or $500 spoon, which you’re sure is all that’ll left on the registry list?

And then, with a sigh of relief, you discover the couple has set up a Wine Please wedding gift registry.

Wine Please wedding gift registry

We met Lauren and Adrian – the owners and founders of Wine Please – through our lovely mutual friend Sonia Styling and fell in love with their concept.

This awesome couple had the brainwave of creating wedding gift registries just for wine. It’s simple, but brilliant.

Wedding gift registry - Wine Please champagne - Mr and Mrs Romance

The couple sets up the wedding gift registry and adds their favourite wines, glassware and even things like wine fridges to the list. Anything over $200 automatically becomes a ‘shared’ item, so that more than one person can pitch in.

Here’s a sample registry to give you an idea of what it looks like.

After the wedding, deliveries of all their favourite or most desired wines arrive and wedded bliss is complete!

But it’s not just the idea of having a house full of wine after your wedding that we love. For the wedding couple, every time they open and drink one of those bottles of wine, it would be a chance to remember their wedding day, the people who were there and perhaps even share the bottle with the ones who bought it.

Wedding gift registry - Wine Please shiraz - Mr and Mrs Romance

For the guests, it gives us a chance to buy something that the couple really wants, something that’s well beyond a household appliance and that means something to them.

Much better than a toaster. Not that I’ve got anything against toast!

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Do you have any recommendations for buying wedding presents? What bottle of wine would you have on your Wine Please gift registry? Leave us a comment and tell us.

Wedding gift registry - Wine Please - Mr and Mrs Romance


  • Reply April 23, 2018

    Lauren Wine Please

    Thanks so much for the feature Mr and Mrs Romance! We started the website for our own wedding because we didn’t need anything for the house and knew we’d really enjoy sharing bottles of wine together forever! There are lots of couples in the same boat and we’re so happy to see them stock their cellars for the many years of married life ahead. If you two decide to renew your vows, we are so IN!

    All our love until we next sit down for a vino together.
    Mr and Mrs Wine Please xx

    • Reply April 29, 2018

      Mr Romance

      We love your vision with this, Mr & Mrs WP! Such a great concept. Can’t wait for that next catch-up vino. Cheers – Jim & Christina xx

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