5 unromantic ways to be romantic

Save your money on those dozen roses and put more though into these little, unromantic ways to be romantic instead. Anyone can deliver a generic ‘grand gesture’, but only you know the one you love well enough to get the meaningful stuff right.

Unromantic ways to be romantic - Mr & Mrs Romance

They say romance is in the little things; it’s certainly a motto we live by. While the big, obviously romantic gestures have their place, it’s not something you want to do all the time. It’s definitely not what keeps the romance in a relationship alive.

Instead, it’s often the little things you can do and say that show you’re thinking of that person. They might not be the most glamorous or glitzy, but being aware of what your partner needs on an everyday basis has way more impact in the long run.

Here are 5 examples of unromantic ways to be romantic that show the one you love you really care.

5 unromantic ways to be romantic

1. Keeping them at 100%

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve left my phone in the other room when I go to bed and I wake up to find it plugged in and charging thanks to Mrs Romance.

It’s such a simple thing to do, but just checking the percentage of your partner’s phone is one thing less to worry about in the morning. And in spite of all the phones we’ve had over the years, we never seem to have enough charger cables.

Check with your partner if they need power once you’re back to 100%.

2. Maintaining their beachside modesty

Trying to get changed at the beach is so hard, but it’s something we always attempt. Trying to hold a towel round you with one hand and wriggle into your swimmers with the other – there’s always going to be a butt cheek or something pop out.

When you see your partner begin the signature beachside struggle, hold their towel up for them. It makes a kind of cubicle – and it also means you get down to the water quicker!

Unromantic ways to be romantic - Mr & Mrs Romance

3. Being electric in bed

A couple of winters ago, we decided to invest in an electric blanket. It’s a life-changer. Instead of having to shiver into a cold bed each night, we could barely wait to hit the hay.

The only trouble is Mrs Romance never remembers to put the blanket on, which makes her sad. But when she realises that I’ve already done it, she’s so happy.

Here are a couple more ideas for amping up the snuggle factor of your bed over winter.

4. Saving them from your stink

The smallest room in the house is also probably the least romantic one too. This makes it the perfect platform for you to show off your unromantic romantic skills.

V.I.Poo, a new product from Air Wick, is a scented oil that traps the craps underwater. You spray a little onto the water’s surface before you drop so you don’t have to worry about your “Devil’s Donuts” ponging out your place.

The bottles are small and discrete too, so if you’re worried about dropping some friends off at the pool at work or when you’re out, this great little product will help you avoid embarrassment.

You should check out this video V.I.Poo has released too. Very funny.

Unromantic ways to be romantic - Mr & Mrs Romance

Other things you can do in the loo to show you care are things like changing the toilet roll if you’ve used the last poo ticket and putting the seat down when you’ve finished.

And by ‘putting the seat down’, I don’t just mean the ring. I’m talking about the ring and the lid. In a world of equality and equity, it’s the only way to solve the age-old argument of leave it up or put it down.

The lid will also trap nasty niffs and splashes from the flush.

5. The devil’s in the detailing

It’s a wonderful feeling getting into your car and finding the tank full of petrol and that new car smell has returned.

Taking your partner’s car to have it detailed and polished, then filling it with gas might not sound like the sexiest idea, but there’s no way they won’t be happy the next time they go to drive anywhere. Works a treat every time!

Unromantic ways to be romantic - Mr & Mrs Romance

When you’re thinking of unromantic ways to be romantic, also bear in mind what your partner’s ‘love language’ is. Check out our post on what this means here.

And if you don’t believe us that it’s these little things – that these unromantic ways to be romantic work – you should also check out our ‘What Does Romance Mean’ series.

We’re asking couples what they think romance means to them and what little things they do for each other that probably wouldn’t float anyone else’s boat at all!

Do you have any unromantic ways to be romantic with your partner? Which of our 5 ideas do you like the most? Tell us in the comments!


  • Reply September 17, 2017

    Missy D

    I love this! I do the phone charge thing and the car thing for my partner a lot of the time and he’s always pleasantly surprised. 🙂

    I also like to make him a lunch and it put in the fridge with a note on the door telling him to get his lunch before he goes.

    It’s the little things!

    • Reply September 17, 2017

      Mr Romance

      Sounds like your partner’s got a good one in you, Missy! It certainly is the little things, isn’t it? 🙂

  • Reply September 18, 2017


    Hi Jim, I got a lot out of this and it had me in stitches. I really like the sound of the VIPoo and will defiantly get some for Gareth..that’s what I call romance!! Seriously though…we love sharing a rocket fuel coffee from our stove top coffee maker on the occasions that we are up at the same time. I also do my own car detailling and cleaning to surprise him when he gets back from his trips.

    • Reply September 19, 2017

      Mr Romance

      Hey Av! Glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, I reckon Gareth would definitely enjoy the VIPoo – or you and the girls would anyway! 😀 Coffee is the bringer of live and love. I never underestimate the power of a cup of joe. Very impressed you do your own detailing btw. Jx

  • Reply October 13, 2017

    Katie @ Coffee With Katie

    I love the phone charging idea! It’s the little things that show the most thoughtfulness and love.

    • Reply October 15, 2017

      Mr Romance

      Thanks Katie. Yes, it’s totally the little things that make the big things work. I also have a bit of OCD about charging my mobile – and I think I project that onto Christina! She doesn’t mind though – it means her phone’s always at 100% when she wakes up. Win-win, right? Jim

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