Do you really know what relaxation means? Spa Anise at Spicers Tamarind Retreat

Within earshot of the cascades of Gardners Falls outside the Hinterland town of Maleny, Spa Anise day spa brings another level of tranquility to this beautiful part of the Sunshine Coast.

Spa Anise Tamarind, Maleny - Spicers Retreat

Maleny is famous for its verdant landscape and deep sense of peace. Not to mention its food offerings.

But east of the town, hidden in the tropical greenery at the head of the valley to Obi Obi Creek, is a day spa that magnifies everything that Maleny has to offer, served with a big slab of luxury.

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Spa Anise at Spicers Tamarind Retreat

The ethos of Spa Anise, the day spa connected to many Spicers Retreats around Australia, is the sense of bringing the outside in.

But the Spa Anise at Tamarind Retreat achieves this brilliantly.

Hidden at the end of a little winding pathway flanked by tropical plants, the entrance to Spa Anise welcomes you in and leads you into the reception and lounge area.

Spa Anise Tamarind, Maleny - Spicers Retreat Spa Anise Tamarind, Maleny - Spicers Retreat entranceSpa Anise Tamarind, Maleny Spicers Retreat - reception

While you fill in your induction form and choose your treatments, you can relax on the recliners or enjoy the view from the deck.

The deck, another example of how the lines between the inside and outside of this spa are so blurred, looks out over a lawn then down to the rainforest. Beyond the trees, the chasing sounds of Gardner Falls amidst the birdsong and lilting music set the tone.

Spa Anise Tamarind, Maleny - Spicers Retreat loungersSpa Anise Tamarind, Maleny - Spicers Retreat fire

Our signature couples treatment experience

Our Organic Peace treatment—an incredible two-and-a-half-hour pampering—begins with 30 minutes in a private hydrotherapy spa.

Once we’ve changed into our swimwear, we have free rein of our own 2x4m jacuzzi filled with magnesium-rich spring water, perfect for revitalising tired muscles*. Like the deck, the hydrotherapy spa looks out over the lawn and rainforest, and because there’s no wall or window, you can hear the falls clearly while you float.

Spa Anise Tamarind, Maleny Spicers Retreat hydrotherapy spa - Christina

There’s also a sauna exclusively for our use and a rain shower for us to rinse off at the end of our half-hour soak.

Next we change into our funny undies, gowns and slippers ready for the business end of the treatment.

Our therapists, Olivia and Kay, lead us through to the foot spa room, where we enjoy an aromatic foot ritual in the marble basins, then it’s on into the treatment room proper, where we find two massage tables, an enormous stone bath and a wet-room shower to one side.

Starting with a full body vanilla bean creme polish that gently exfoliates and smooths. Once polished, we’re coated in mud masque of organic honey and cacao butter that soothes, moisturises and relaxes our skin and wrapped in a luxurious cocoon of warm towels.

Spa Anise Tamarind, Maleny Spicers Retreat bath tub Spa Anise Tamarind, Maleny Spicers Retreat massage tables

We rinse off in the shower room and change into clean funny undies (that masque gets everywhere!), and it’s back onto our massage beds that our masseuses can raise, lower and transform into a recliner position at the touch of a button.

And then the full body massage begins.

Using a massage cream from Waterlily, a beautiful Australian cosmetics that moisturises at the same time as acting as a massage oil, Olivia and Kay work out every atom of stress from our bodies, leaving us feeling like we’re floating.

Spa Anise Tamarind, Maleny Spicers Retreat products

To finish the treatment, we have an ultra-moisturising facial using more Waterlily products and then we’re brought back to the real world with a brief meditation and mindfulness exercise.

One last treat from Spa Anise

Once we’re dressed, we levitate our way back to the lounge, where we find a special treat waiting for us.

On the deck is not only a glass of sparkling each but also a delightful cheese and charcuterie platter** for us to graze on while we enjoy the view of the forest and the sounds of the falls.

By this time, it’s early afternoon, but the light lunch feels like an ethereal banquet. We’re so relaxed and rehydrated, and our skin so hydrated, it’s as if every trouble in the world has gone.

Spa Anise Tamarind, Maleny Spicers Retreat - charcuterie on the deck

After a while—I have no idea how long we’re on the deck, we’ve not only lost track of time but also no longer care—we make our way back to reception, chat to Lisa, the manager of Spa Anise, buy some Waterlily moisturiser and head back to our villa next door.

It’s just as well we’re staying at Spicers Tamarind Retreat. I don’t think we could move much further than that!

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*The hydrotherapy spa is an optional extra and is free when you buy most packages. Otherwise you can book a 30-minute session separately.

**You can book the cheese and charcuterie board at the spa for a fee.

Spa Anise Tamarind, Maleny

We pampered by Lisa, Olivia and Kay as media guests of Spicers Spa Anise Tamarind and Visit Sunshine Coast, but our opinions remain our own.

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