Skincare for men – 3 ways of caring for your skin

Not nearly enough men are taking care of their skin. It’s the biggest organ we’ve got and yet so many of us neglect it. Here are a few men’s skincare products that I love and that actually work.

Skincare for Men - ESK products

Things have changed so much in recent years. Men have become mates with moisturiser, compadres with cleanser and amici with exfoliant – it’s come a long way from my dad’s era. I can still hear him say “get that sh*t off my face” whenever Mum tried to put a cream on him.

We laughed about it at the time, but really, it’s a strange by-product of toxic masculinity that meant men weren’t allowed to want to take care of their skin.

Thankfully things are a bit different these days, though there’s still so far to go. When you compare how many skincare products are available for women compared to those sold to men, that much is clear.

But the landscape is changing for the better.

Here are a few products I really love and that are not only designed with men’s skin in mind* but with our stupid ‘that stuff’s for girls’ mindset too.

Hopefully this will pave an even clearer way to better skin health for men.

*Men’s skin tends to be thicker, tougher, oilier and hairier than women’s, plus we don’t generally have the additional challenges that makeup presents to overcome.

Manscaped – Performance Package

Skincare for Men - Manscaped products

Manscaped is purely focused on men’s grooming – especially in those ‘special’ places downstairs. They address and deal with what’s traditionally thought of as ‘manly’ but these days is better understood using adjectives like ‘overgrown’, ‘scruffy’, ‘sweaty’ and simply ‘smelly’.

They approach the very personal subject with good humour, effective products and beautifully engineered trimming devices.

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But here’s what you get in the extensive Performance Package:

Skincare for Men - Manscaped products

The Lawn Mower

Specifically engineered to cut through thick, coarse hair without snagging, the Lawn Mower and its 7,000RPM motor is perfect for cleaning up the mess on the front porch! It also has ceramic blades that stay cool when you’re trimming.

It’s 100% waterproof and cordless, so you can trim in the shower and it comes with an adjustable attachment.

The Weed Whacker

Why we grow so much hair from our ears and nose is beyond me – but not the Weed Whacker. Its precision-engineered circular blade system and cone top allows the Weed Whacker to get right in there and remove hairs easily, quickly and – most importantly – painlessly.

Skincare for Men - Manscaped products

Crop Cleanser

A pH balanced hair and body wash, the Crop Cleanser is the right way to shower. It means this shower gel is cleansing and hydrating at the same time.

The Crop Reviver refreshing ball toner

Spray a bit of Crop Reviver on the twins for a rejuvenating lift. The aloe juice calms and soothes, while witch hazel extract spruces and energises.

The Crop Preserver anti-chafing ball deodorant

A dot of this stuff on the goods and groin post-shower not only wards against nasty niffs that can happen down there, it also soothes the skin and helps with any downstairs rubbing – the unwanted kind of course.

Skincare for Men - Manscaped products

Crop Mop Wipes

These individually packaged ‘refreshing ball wipes’ offer their anti-chafing, moisturising and deodorising services while you’re on the move. Great to have post-gym or while you’re travelling. Way better than the ol’ shower in a can.

Foot Duster cooling foot deodorant

A spritz of Foot Duster on your plates of meat puts a spring in your step. Just wait to air-dry before you put socks and shoes back on. Peppermint oil and menthol get rid of odours and tea tree extract in the spray kills bacteria, keeping your feet smelling sweet for longer.

The Shed

For your convenience, the Shed wash bag is big enough to hold the whole Performance Kit in one handy place.

The Performance Package also comes with a free pair of chafe-proof boxers.

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E.S.K – Men’s Anti-Ageing Kit

Skincare for Men - ESK products

E.S.K Evidence Skincare is an Australian-made skincare range. Aussie doctors, dermatologists and scientists have worked together to create these products that suit a range of skin types – including men’s skin – while also taking into consideration Australia’s unique climate.

Hydroxy Cleanser

A gentle yet effective cleanser that you use morning and night that shifts grime and oils that will stop other skin products working.

It’s surprising how important this step is. Using your shower gel on your face doesn’t do the same thing btw.

Skincare for Men - ESK products

C Serum Lite

This vitamin C serum acts as an antioxidant and boosts the skin’s own anti-ageing processes and helps with fine lines and roughness. You use this in the morning after you cleanse.

Zinc Shade

After your C Serum, this zinc-based moisturising cream gives you a light protection from the suns UVA (which causes skin-ageing) and UVB (which is the one that burns) with SPF15.

You can (and should) apply another moisturiser after this and if you’re going in direct sunlight for a prolonged time, you should apply a stronger SPF.

Skincare for Men - ESK products

Ultimate A+

This Vitamin A cream goes on after you’ve cleansed in the evening. Vitamin A is a retinoid and acts as a skin resurfacer, promoting production of the all-important collagen.

$288.00 RRP from E.S.K

iS Clinical

Skincare for Men - IS Clinical products

iS Clinical’s impressive products have been engineered and tested to the highest standards. Because they’re so concentrated, you don’t need much each time you apply. The products here come in dropper bottles, so it feels more like a science experiment than skincare.

I started using the products from iS Clinical’s New Year Skin Clear kit and after about a week, I noticed significant improvements in my skin. Reduced wrinkles, a healthier glow and generally better complexion. Very impressed.

This is what comes in the kit, but you can buy each element independently.

Cleansing Complex

This is a thorough yet gentle cleanser that you use day and night. It pulls out all the dirt and oils from your pores but doesn’t strip your skin and leave it feeling tight or dry.

Skincare for Men - IS Clinical products


Pro-Heal Serum Advance

After you’ve cleansed in the morning, this Vitamin C serum revitalises skin with antioxidants and healing properties.

Active Serum

The most effective part of the kit I have, the Active Serum is (probably) a Vitamin A retinoid that really helps with the production of collagen in the skin. The reduction of lines my skin has experienced is thanks to this stuff.

Skincare for Men - IS Clinical products

Hyrda-Cool Serum

This super-hydrating serum goes on morning and evening. Ingredients include Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic acid, which not only hydrate but make other moisturisers you use more effective too.

What are serums?

Most engineered, scientific prod that stays on your skin longer than any other product. They’re super concentrated and treat everything on your skin. From moisturising and to exfoliating.

They tend to be more expensive than other types of skincare products, but because you don’t use much each time (just three or four drops), the small bottles last quite a while.

iS Clinical products are only available from certified cosmetics clinics and beauticians, but many have online shops.

You can find the list of authorised retailers here. 

What does ‘skincare’ mean?

Skincare is all about the morning-and-evening routine of keeping your skin healthy.

As a very general rule of thumb, you need to treat in the morning and repair in the evening.

So in the morning after your shower: cleanse, treat and moisturise.

At night just before bed: cleanse, vitamin serum, moisturise, oil.

The ‘treat’ part is working on your specific skin type, so you need to know if you’ve got oily, dry or sensitive skin etc. It’s also important to protect your skin with SPF. This preps your skin for the day ahead and protects it.

‘Repair’ is exactly that – replacing depleted vitamins, removing dead or old skin layers and encouraging cell renewal.

Moisturisers act more as a barrier, locking in all the good stuff you’ve applied, and skin oils help with that too. They also smooth out your skin.

Taking care of the skin on your face is just as important as looking after other elements of your general health. It’s worth investing in.

Skincare for Men - IS Clinical products

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