25 ways to say I love you

Romance isn’t all diamonds and champagne – it’s about the little things every day. Letting your partner know how you feel about them is incredibly important, but getting your message across in a way they understand is probably even more so. 

Here’s our guide on the most romantic things you can do for your partner based on their Love Language.

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Recently we wrote about how taking the 5 Love Languages test will change how you see your relationship. How you say “I love you” is not as simple as three little words.

The 5 Love Languages are

– Acts of Service
– Quality Time
– Physical Touch
– Words of Affirmation
– Receiving Gifts

Once you understand which one you speak and which one your partner speaks, you can find ways to translate your message of love so that you can both understand and appreciate that message.

Our results are pretty similar – we share the same number one language of Quality Time. For us, your time is the most important gift you can give another and the time we spend together really matters.

I guess this makes sense of how we can live, work and travel together pretty much full-time and still like to spend our free time together.

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If you and your partner don’t share the same Love Language, that’s ok. No need to throw the towel in or anything. But how you express your true feelings can be lost in translation.

Here’s how to be romantic and say “I love you” to your partner in every Love Language.

25 effective ways to tell your partner you love them

Acts of Service

– Do their chores for them
– Bring them breakfast in bed (providing they like that of course) or bring them a cup of tea
– Plan their birthday party – or even just a dinner party – for them with all their best friends
– Run them a bath when you know they’re stressed or if they’ve had a hard day at work.
– Fill your partner’s car with petrol

Quality Time

– Leave your phones at home and go for a walk together
– Cancel all your weekend plans and go on a staycation
– Give them your undivided attention and really listen
– Take them out for breakfast – just the two of you
– Meet them from work one day without telling them

By the way, don’t be surprised if they don’t talk the whole time you’re together. Quality Time people just enjoy having you in their company. That’s what means the most to them.

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Physical Touch

– Hold hands in public
– Hug each other
– Make plans for a night in
– Find out if they like their hair being stroked or hands massaged and do this when you’re relaxing at home
– Sometimes these guys just like that incidental touch as you walk past them. On their back or arm.

Words of Affirmation

– Write them a love letter
– Leave a note in with their lunch
– Tell them how much they mean to you
– Talk with them about how you met and how you felt
– These guys actually respond to being told that you love them. Also remind them often how much they mean to you and what a good friend they are.

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Receiving gifts

– Buy them a gift when there’s no celebration or no particular reason
– Order them monogrammed notecards as they probably like sending gifts as much as receiving them
– When you’re on holiday or travelling together, surprise them a souvenir while you’re still away
– Pay attention to find out what gifts they like. They will always hint at what they really want for birthday and Christmas
– Leave a gift for them to find when they least expect it. Hide it somewhere they’ll definitely look but perhaps not immediately.


Not sure which language your partner uses?

If you’re not sure which of the love languages your partner speaks – perhaps they don’t believe in the system or they don’t want to do the test – there’s a way round it.

Try something from all of the lists and see which one sticks! The one they get most excited about is probably a good indicator.

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What’s your Love Language? Do you know what your partner’s is? Are there any other ways you’d express your love other than the ideas we’ve got here? Tell us in the comments – we’d be fascinated to hear your thoughts.

Images by Mrs Romance.

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