We talk Cuba and couples travel with Our Food Adventures

We always love to hear from people who love to travel. And when those people are – like us – travelling together with the one they love, we are even more excited. Talking travel with likeminded wanderers is one of our favourite things.

Our Food Adventures podcast - Mr & Mrs Romance

So you can imagine how we felt when Tiarra and Chris from Our Food Adventures asked us to be on their podcast channel.

Chris and Tiarra are an awesome couple who run their travel site out of Denver, Colorado. They love talking everything travel, everything food and of course a bit of romance in between.

And if you’re looking for some hot local tips on Denver, let these guys show you round their hometown.

Since April 2018, Tiarra and Chris have been publishing their conversations here on their site, and you can listen on your phone here. There are some fascinating people with inspiring stories of their journeys around the world here. And with Chris and Tiarra hosting, the conversation’s fun, witty and very engaging. Plus their dog Koji is the cutest.

Our Food Adventures podcast

We decided to talk to Tiarra and Chris about our time in Cuba in 2014. Back then it was certainly a path less trodden – and while it still is today, tourism has definitely got a deeper footprint there than when we first visited.

On the episode, we also shared some of our tips for travelling with your partner and how to maintain your relationship while you’re on the road. The potential for arguments always goes up a bit, doesn’t it?

Most interesting for us listening back on the podcast now is that – since the interview, we’ve been back to Cuba. The changes in the 4 years between our first visit and our return are astonishing.

The best news is the food’s so much better.

Why we owe Cuba an apology - paella

In the interview, we lament the bland food and the lack of range in Cuba. But when we went back there, we found everything – literally everything – was better. In fact, we didn’t have a bad meal while we were there the 2nd time.

It drove us to offer this official apology to Cuba.

And here’s a link to our library on Cuba stories.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy our interview and subscribe to Chris and Tiarra’s channel Our Food Adventures here.

Do you have a favourite travel podcast you listen to? What destination would you talk about if Tiarra and Chris were to interview you? Tell us in the comments below!

Our Food Adventures podcast - Mr & Mrs Romance

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