What to pack for your holiday in the sun

With the prospect of some solid beach time ahead of you, having a plan of attack on your packing list will keep the stress away from your fun in the sun. Here’s how to pack like a boss for a hot holiday.

Mr and Mrs Romance - what to pack for a hot holiday

There’s nothing worse than getting to your hotel, opening up your suitcase and wondering why you’ve packed any of it. As you rummage further towards the bottom of your bag, the realisation that you’re going to need to go shopping asap starts to sink in.

Packing for a trip in the sun is harder than people give it credit for. The mistake people make is thinking – because it’ll be hot – throwing in a few tops, shorts and swimwear will do.

What to pack for a hot holiday

Kill the polyester

Unless you want to lose weight or feel like you’re wearing a plastic bag, ditch the polyester. The hot – or even worse – humid weather will make you sweat like mad in anything man-made. Pack light-coloured loose clothes in natural fibres to beat the heat.

2 swimsuits minimum – 1 to wear 1 to dry

Packing at least 2 sets of swimwear will ensure you have something to wear if you’re swimming a lot. While one set is drying in the sun, you can wear the other.

Also if you’re at a surf beach, make sure your swimwear is secure enough to deal with big waves. If it comes off easily or gets heavy when it’s wet, it won’t stay on in the surf.

Shop your swimwear here.

Mr and Mrs Romance - packing tips for a hot holiday Mr and Mrs Romance - what to pack for a hot holiday

Pack something warm-ish

It’s easy to forget that even hot-climate destinations have cooler nights. Taking a light jacket, a long-sleeved shirt, or even a pashmina or scarf will keep out the chills.

Also to help with mosquitos, a pair of light fabric pants will come in handy.

Pack a change in your carry-on

Especially if you’re going from cold to hot weather or if you feel the air conditioning on the plane, this is a really handy tip. Changing out of your warm clothes into something summery not only gets you in the mood for your holiday, you’ll feel fresher as you walk off the plane too.

This is one of our favourite travel tips. Here are our other tips for travelling in style.

Mr and Mrs Romance - what to pack for a hot holiday Mr and Mrs Romance - what to pack for a hot holiday

Pack sunscreen you trust

If you have a sunscreen brand that you prefer, pack a full bottle. Depending on where you’re going, the sunscreen there might not be up to standard or might be expensive. Or even worse you might not be able to find any at all.

Plus, who wants to be shopping for sunscreen when you should be enjoying yourself?

This one from Clinique is great and I really like this Nivea sunscreen.

Safe from chafe

Ok, let’s get personal. When it’s hot, you sweat. When you sweat and walk, you chafe. And soreness from chafing can really ruin a good holiday.

Pack shorts you can wear under loose clothes or talcum powder to prevent skin irritation. Ironically, man-made lycra works the best here, but generally natural fibres are better for hot climates.

If you know you’ll suffer from chafe, pack a tube of anti-fungal cream like Canesten. Most often it’s the bacteria from your sweat that causes the worst skin irritation.

Mr and Mrs Romance - what to pack for a hot holiday Mr and Mrs Romance - what to pack for a hot holiday

Sarong or Turkish towel

Beach towels will eat into your luggage space like nothing else. Sarongs or Turkish towels fold up really small, but will still give you something to sunbathe on or wrap round you.

You won’t need to worry too much about drying yourself. That’s the best bit about a hot holiday. Just sit in the sun for a bit; you’ll air dry in no time.

Take a beach bag or tote

Make it easier to get to and from the beach or pool: pack a lightweight bag you can fit a fresh top and shorts in, a bottle of water and a towel. Your bag will also be useful for your valuables if you’re going for a swim.

This one would be perfect.

Mr and Mrs Romance - what to pack for a hot holiday

What else would you pack if you were going on a hot holiday?

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