Our top 14 posts for 2014

Farewell 2014, good morning, 2015! Here are our 14 most popular posts of the year according to you, our lovely readers:

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Well! What a year it’s been! In fact it’s been such a year, I can’t really believe I’m saying ‘what a year it’s been’ already. 2014 really has gone by in a flash.

At the same time, it also feels like 2014 had way more than the regulation 365 days, doesn’t it?

This year, Christina and I have been focused on making the topics we write about and photograph as interesting, as entertaining and – above all – as useful to you as we can. We really hope we’ve fulfilled that aim.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is thank you. Without you our blogs would be nothing – just words in the wind. It’s you that makes them real and keeps us working.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, we’ll be taking a bit of a break from publishing new stories. We’ll still be busy though, planning out what 2015 will be like for Mr & Mrs Romance.

To make sure you don’t forget us though, we thought we’d put together a shortlist of your 14 favourite stories from 2014:

1. Curry series – 5-hour slow-cooked beef vindaloo recipe


I love a good curry, and this has to be my favourite. Cooked so long the meat falls apart on your fork, sauce so rich it fills your senses… I’m not surprised you guys liked this post. In fact, if you hadn’t, I’d have been a little hurt!

Here’s our slow-cooked vindaloo recipe.

2. How many anniversaries do you celebrate as a couple?


We love talking to people about what dates other couples remember and why.

Because of how uncertain we were about when we’d see each other again, when we first met Mrs Romance and I celebrated being together a lot. We’ve got a load of special dates we remember still now – over 14 years later!

3. The best way to get around Venice – how to use the vaporetto system


Venice can be a bit of a challenge to get around. A to B here is not straightforward. The vaporetto, however – Venice’s unique public transport network of ‘ferry buses’ – works really well. As long as you know how to use it. And here’s how:

How to use the vaporetto system in Venice.

4. DIY heart light display


This pretty light display has been the backdrop for many of our photos. It featured heavily in our first ebook How to Hold the Perfect Cocktail Party and it’s become a bit of an Instagram darling. Here’s how we made it!

5. 5 reasons you need to go to Mudgee, NSW right now


Mudgee – west of Sydney – is a foodie’s playground. But it’s also a bit of a hidden gem. One of our ultimate favourite places to visit in Australia, here’s why Mudgee’s just so bloody great!

6. 10 top things to do in Milan, Italy


Apart from the whole ‘synonymous with style’ thing, it can be tricky to see what this city has to offer over other Italian cities. We shed some light on Milan and what you should do while you’re there.

7. Where to eat in Orange, NSW – Fiorini’s Ristorante Italiano

Mr-&-Mrs-Romance-7 Fiorini's

The town of Orange, west of Sydney, has developed a reputation for its delicious food and cold-climate wines. There are some amazing restaurants here too, and Fiorini’s has to be one of the most interesting. Check out our restaurant review for more info.

8. How to beat the queues at the Empire State Building

Mr-&-Mrs-Romance-8 Empire State Building

One of – if not the busiest tourist attraction in the Big Apple, the Empire State Building can take hours to see. Here are our tricks for getting to the top of the ESB fast – other than hitching a lift on a giant enraged lovesick gorilla.

9. Friday Drinks – 5 (or is it 9) awesome places to eat and drink in Brisbane, QLD


Of all our Friday Drinks Series, this little chunk of Brisbane has caused the most interest. And understandably so. Within a single block, you can experience an incredible range of eateries, bars, lounges and even an open-air cinema. Fortitude Valley: well worth a look.

10. 10 tips for travelling as a couple


We take it for granted that when we travel with our significant other that everyone’s happy. Here are our crib notes on what to do and how to have a jolly holiday and still be together when you get home!

11. 7 tips for how to survive a long-haul flight


Long haul flights are a necessary evil, but, because we’ve done quite a few of them, we’ve found ways of making them a little less evil! Here are our tips on how to cope that long hurtling through the air at 30,000 for hours and hours.

12. 5 books that have inspired us to travel


These 5 books have been the building blocks for our travel adventures. They’ve inspired us, taught us what it is to explore the world and given us tools to understand the importance of travelling to do it well.

13. He Said, She Said – how do you divide up a shared wardrobe?


This is our most popular He Said She Said post, from our series where we simultaneously write on the same topic and publish it without editing.

Sharing wardrobe space is fraught. Early on in our relationship, we learnt how to divide our hanging and storage spaces in a way that would cause the least amount of ‘discussion’. These are our insights and tricks.

14. He Said, She Said – how he proposed


Everyone loves a bit of romance, and I suppose you should expect a bit of that on a site with a name like ours! Well, this is our story of how I popped the question and what was going through my terrified mind moments before. From Mrs Romance’s perspective, you’ll see what she was thinking at the same time!

Are there any other posts you think should have made the list? Which was your favourite out of this lot? Tell us in the comments!

Merry Christmas! We hope you have a lovely break and a happy New Year. We’ll see you next year!

Jim & Christina x


  • Reply February 8, 2015

    Lyn - A Hole in my Shoe

    I love reading everyone’s best stories for 2014 and you have some great ones. I love the He said, She said stories. Here is ours.

    • Reply February 9, 2015

      Mr Romance

      Thanks Lyn. Yes, it was a good year, 2014! So glad you like the He Said, She Said stories. We’ve got a new series coming out starting this week in fact, where we interview people and ask them how they met their significant other. It’s always so interesting to hear it from both sides.
      Love your wrap of 2014. Sounds like you had a pretty darn fine year too!

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