Ice cream bliss, hangover cures and a Christmas cruise on the Harbour

Ok, how is it December already? I’m starting to see why shops have started putting out their Christmas stuff in August – it feels like just last week that we saw the first mince pies for sale. And that was in Q3!

The good news is that now the silly season has officially started, we can put into practice all the plans for parties we’ve been thinking of over the past few months.

This week is proof of exactly that.

In this Weekly Edition, we’re trying some of the best ice cream from a supermarket we’ve ever tasted, we’ve got an amazing cure (or rather prevention) for hangovers that really works and we enjoy the first Christmas party of the year – on a yacht in Sydney Harbour!

We hope you enjoy this Weekly Edition.

Cheers – Jim & Christina xx

RAW Anthony Nader, Hair Romance  and Sydney Salon Supplies

We start our week off in the best way possible: in the company of Anthony Nader – perhaps the loveliest, most talented yet humble human we’ve ever met.

Anthony runs RAW Anthony Nader hair salon – one of the best known and highest quality hair salons in the country. 

This is a behind-the-scenes shot of some product video we (Hair Romance and I) are making with him today for hair product and equipment store Sydney Salon Supplies which Anthony co-owns with his awesome husband David.

It’s hard to call this work when you’re around such wonderful friends.

Movenpick Ice Cream - available in Woolworths

Christina and I are very excited today. Mövenpick ice cream, which you only ever used to be able to buy in Mövenpick parlours, is now available in the supermarket. 

So head into your nearest Woolworth’s and buy up big – RRP $11.50.

We’re so impressed with this ice cream – the Cookies & Caramel is incredibly smooth, with swirls of caramel sauce through panna ice cream and chunks of cookie too. Amazing.

The Chocolate & Salted Caramel also ticks some serious boxes for us. Salted caramel is a no-brainer for ice cream, but that coupled with Swiss chocolate and then add caramelised almond brittle in the mix – heaven!

Finally, the rich dark world of Mövenpick’s Swiss Chocolate ice cream takes you on a journey straight to the Alps. Dense, sweet yet balanced chocolate ice cream full of crisp, fine shards of high-quality chocolate. This one’s really dangerous!

Mövenpick have also partnered with Salvatore Malatesta from ST. ALi Coffee Roasters to create his own special take on the classic affogato. 

The Alchemy Affogato features Mövenpick’s signature Swiss Chocolate ice cream, a double shot of ST ALi Authodox espresso and dried shiraz, which creates a heady blend of flavours and aromas you don’t usually get with this classic dessert.

Get down to ST ALi Cafe in South Melbourne this coming Friday (6th December) to see Salvatore in action and to taste his remarkable creation.

Recoverthol hangover prevention

This afternoon, we’re having a bit of a garden party to make the most of the good weather. We’re also trying out a new product that promises to help with hangovers!

Recoverthol is an Australian-made formula of cofactors of the ADH (Alcohol Dehydrogenase) enzyme that naturally occur in your body and help you metabolise alcohol. The problem is most of us only have enough ADH to process 1-2 drinks before the head gets sore.

Adding one of the 2ml vials into your first drink of the day tops up those cofactors and helps prevent the nasty side effects of a good night out.

Click here and our special link will give you 30% off your online order – or use ‘Romance30’ in the payment screen.

Recoverthol hangover prevention and summer party wines

We’ve tried Recoverthol a couple of times now and I tell you what: it works.

Even after a pretty big night, the following morning’s have been noticeably headache and dehydration free.

The extra ADH cofactors in Recoverthol do two things: they help metabolise alcohol quicker and also prevent the build-up of Acetaldehyde – the by-product of metabolised alcohol that causes hangover symptoms. 

Recoverthol is flavourless, odourless and colourless, and mixes into your first drink without you even noticing.

Get your 30% discount on Recoverthol here.

Eggplant sculpture at Woolloomooloo

This afternoon, we’re out at Woolloomooloo for our first (though hopefully not the last!) party of the Christmas season.

And we’re starting off in style: we’re heading out on the harbour for cruise!

Before we get to the yacht, we take a look at some of the artwork that’s on the wharf around Woolloomooloo. This big shiny eggplant is… well, it’s big, isn’t it?

It’s by a sculptor by Aldo Billota. Check out his other work here.

Sydney Opera House

All aboard! 

We’re cruising Sydney Harbour with some of our friends from the travel industry thanks to Nick Wayland and TravMedia, which is a fantastic networking platform for travel professionals.

Nick and his guys have made everyone’s life in travel so much easier and better. We’re all able to connect with each other through the network, pitch out ideas, stories and itineraries, and learn about what’s happening around the world – it’s a global community in the truest sense.

Sydney Harbour sunset

Sydney Harbour sunset

The sun sets in spectacular style right over the city. There’s nothing quite like being out on the water in the warm evening with a view like this.

And being on a private yacht isn’t too bad either!


We tear our eyes away from the sunset long enough to enjoy a bit of delicious sushi.

Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge at sunset

All too soon, the sun disappears over the horizon, silhouetting a lone palm tree next to the elegant sweeping shoulders on the Harbour Bridge.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Jim Butcher and Christina Butcher

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Weekly Edition.

Cheers – Jim & Christina xx

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