Love wins and the best time of the year

Things are a little different today as our weekly update is by Mrs Romance! We celebrate the Yes vote – a step towards marriage equality – and our first Christmas party of the season.


Perfect pink peony season - Mr & Mrs Romance

The key to working well with your partner is to play to your strengths.

That’s why you hear more from Jim than me on Mr & Mrs Romance. I prefer to work in images more than words.

Jim has been encouraging me to write more and so you might be hearing more from me soon. This week started with catching up with great friends and saying farewell to a Balmain favourite.

Last brunch at Wilheminas Balmain - Mr & Mrs Romance

Wilhemina’s is one of our regular spots in Balmain and the best place to go for a boozy brunch. Or should I say was, as it’s never going to be the same again.

But no need to be sad – Jim’s excited!

The restaurant side is currently transforming into a burger bar and no doubt we’ll be there to check it out once it opens.

I’m glad we were able to enjoy brunch next to this Anya Brock mural on the last day before she had to leave the building.

Love is love - Emma Kate Co

I cried on Wednesday morning watching the news.

After having to endure a pointless plebiscite, I was overjoyed to see equality win and the Yes vote triumphant meaning marriage equality is almost here in Australia. It’s tragic that the rights of Australians were put to a public opinion poll, instead of being legislated directly by Parliament.

I’m proud that our area had a high voter turnout and over 80% yes votes. Fingers crossed Parliament can be as efficient and pass a fair law before the new year.

2018 Planners by Emma Kate Co - Mr & Mrs Romance

2018 Planners by Emma Kate Co - Mr & Mrs Romance

I surprised Jim this week by ordering him a special 2018 planner.

As soon as our friend Emma Kate announced she had these in the works, I placed my pre-order. A blush pink planner for me and a sleek black planner for Jim.

When they arrived I was blown away. The attention to detail that Em puts into everything she does is incredible. The box makes for a beautiful keepsake holder and the paper stock is perfect.

Can’t wait to start using these!

If you’re lucky, there might be a few left and you can order your planner from Emma Kate Co here.

(Note: not sponsored, just awesome. I paid for these as I love to support my talented friends)

Wayward Brewery - Mr & Mrs Romance

Women in Tourism - Sydney Christmas Party

Women in Tourism - Sydney Christmas Party

Wayward Brewery - Mr & Mrs Romance

And the Christmas party season has begun!

I told Jim it was time to put up the tree but he’s not feeling it yet. I’m ready to blast the carols and start decorating soon though..

On Friday, we went to the Women in Tourism Christmas Party organised by the lovely Holly G.

I wasn’t sure if Jim would want to come with me, but once I said it was at Wayward Brewery it was a done deal.

It was our first time at this brewery and bar but it won’t be the last. Camperdown pale ale is my drink of choice there and Jim fell for their aptly named India pale ale, The Charmer.

Perfect pink peony season - Mr & Mrs Romance

And while Christmas is my fave time of the year, it’s preceded by Peony season which is my fave flower time of year.

I died when we were in the Netherlands earlier this year at the flower markets. There were peonies everywhere. I couldn’t believe it!

And then when I saw it was 3 bunches for 5 euros I almost started crying. Peony heaven exists.

So when the short peony season hits Sydney, I take full advantage.

Sadly these cost so much more than 5 euros, but to me, they’re worth it.

I love peonies best as partially open buds. Though as they bloom, the petals curls into beautiful shapes. For someone that struggles to keep any houseplants alive, I get weirdly obsessed with flowers.

I saved you from the many photos I took as the flowers bloomed and fell apart. Just admire this perfect pink peony above.

So have you put up your tree yet? Are you in full Christmas mode or do you deny it’s even happening until December? Do you think Peony season is the best time of the year too?

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