I am a fashion mediator!

Somehow I have become Mrs Romance’s dress sense guru. Me. As I sit with my warm-socked feet up tapping away on the laptop wearing trackies and a polo that shows off my pot belly. It’s insane.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia

Mrs Romance is very busy making last minute preparations for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia that starts tomorrow in Sydney. It must be nerve-wracking to have to ponder your fashion sense when you’re going to a fashion show. I’m glad I haven’t been invited!

I couldn’t deal with this:

“So I’ve got Monday: this with the blue shoes and leopard print shirt; then Tuesday this with my new pants if they get posted in time. Otherwise I’ve got this with my beige heels and black jacket; Wednesday is my white pants unless it rains, in which case I’ll wear my new pants that’ll have arrived by then and my leopard print shoes. Thursday’s my black dress and…”

Mr & Mrs Romance - He Says She Says - Fashion Week Shoes

The bedroom is the site of a fabric bomb detonation and the floor is a mountain range of high heels. It’s nice that Mrs R trusts my judgement, but the pressure is like being 30 metres below in full scuba gear. My ears pop with every clothing related question that comes my way.

Mr & Mrs Romance - He Says She Says - Fashion Week clothes

I suppose I’ll just have to do my best!

What would you wear to Fashion Week Australia?

Images by Mr Romance, mess by Mrs Romance!

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