Hotel X Marks The Spot – where to stay in Brisbane

Close to the riverside edge of Fortitude Valley, Hotel X is the sweet-spot of where to stay in Brisbane City. Here’s what to expect at one of Brisbane’s newest high-end hotels.

Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X -

It’s rare that you get luxury and peace in close proximity to party central, but Hotel X is exactly that mark on the treasure map.

Well-designed rooms with high-end finishings, an elegant rooftop bar and restaurant next to a pool with views over the Story Bridge, but with clubs, restaurants, bars and shopping within strolling distance of Hotel X’s unique frontage.

Here’s our video walkthrough of Hotel X.

If you want to experience Brisbane at its best, staying in the Valley puts you at the heart of the city.

Hotel X marks the spot – where to stay in Brisbane

Even from the outside, Hotel X shows its personality; its fragmented trapezoidal facade stands out, promising to be an icon of the Brisbane skyline. And it’s a feature that repeats all the way through the hotel.

Coming in off the busy Brunswick Street, we’re greeted at the friendly reception desk that looks out over the lobby.

Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - lobby and staircase Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - lobby seating

Apart from the lofted ceiling, various break-out spaces with out-of-the-ordinary seating lead round to the open staircase and the conference centre level.

Beneath the staircase, on a sunken level, is Bisou Bisou, the hotel’s ground floor French bistro. And thinking about its name, I wonder if the X really means ‘kiss’.

Bisou Bisou also doubles as the hotel’s breakfast spot and is a popular cafe for locals too.

The rooms

Our King Premium Room is full of the little details that make a big difference to a hotel room.

First, we’re struck by the impressive lighting in the room.

Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - door to hotel room Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - bed and lightingWhere to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - lighting and artwork

Embedded in the ceiling and in the wall above the bed, the lines of warm lighting glow like fissures in angular patterns that mirror the walls of the hotel facade.

Pendulum lamps hanging from the ceiling down to the bedside act as lamps and discreet spots light the rest of the room. The lighting control panel by the bed is just as elaborate and takes a bit of getting used to, but allows us to choose exactly how we want the room to feel.

Almost as striking as the lights, the artwork on the walls emulates what this hotel is about. It’s a party vibe, but intimate, fun and sophisticated.

Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - artwork and minibar Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - minibar and drinks Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - furniture

The minibar, which quite rightly takes up a fair bit of wall real estate, not only has a well-stocked fridge but also shelves of drinks to enjoy.

Miniatures of rum, gin, vodka and whisky have crystal-cut glassware to keep them company, while on the shelf above are bottles of premixed cocktails and a beautiful glass and gold cocktail shaker.

Put this together with the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the neighbourhoods and a comfy table and chairs, we’ve got our very own speakeasy set up.

Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - bathroom Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - bathroom

The bathroom is tucked away behind ripple-glass doors, which don’t afford too much privacy but do look good.

A lot of extra attention has gone on the bathroom, which is clear to see from the tiling, sink furniture and hardwired shaving mirror. And the shower with its almost violent water pressure, two heads and Karl Lagerfeld amenities promise the perfect start (or finish) to the day.

On the roof

The quality of the rooms and comfort of the lobby are high points at Hotel X, but the real party happens on the roof.

12 storeys above ground, the rooftop is home to Iris. This beautifully decorated bar and restaurant is the perfect balance between the Brisbane highlife and Mediterranean chic. And whether you’re here for a party, dinner or simply a drink in the afternoon sun, Iris is the apple of our eye.

Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - Iris rooftop bar and restaurant Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - Iris rooftop bar Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - Iris rooftop restaurant Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - Iris rooftop bar and restaurant

The bar faces south and looks down across the river at the Story Bridge and right over to the skyscrapers of the CBD.

But even better than that, secreted past the bar is the rooftop pool.

This oasis, surrounded by comfy loungers, has a much more Miami or SoCal vibe. It also has even better views down to the bridge and across the river. The perfect spot for a dip in the heat of the Brisbane day.

What’s more, it’s not overlooked by the restaurant or bar, so this pool is quite private. Nothing more likely to put you off your stroke than the sounds of people eating and drinking!

Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - rooftop pool Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - rooftop pool

By the way, levels 10 and 11 are offices, but levels seven to nine are in fact for residents. It must be lovely to live in a building like this, don’t you think?

What’s nearby

It would probably be easier to ask what isn’t nearby. Hotel X is so well located.

You’re a block from the river and the Story Bridge. And that means you’re close to venues like Felons Brewery and all the places along the Howard Street Wharf area.

You’re also only a quick drive from New Farm, the CBD and the West End.

In fact, you should check out our story on Brisbane Distillery in the West End where we made gin at their Gin School. Best thing you can do in the city.

Where to stay in Brisbane - Hotel X - rooftop pool

But best of all, being at this end of Brunswick Street means you’re close enough to the best bits of the Valley to get your hedonic hit but far enough that you can escape to a safe distance when you’ve had your fill.

After all, it’s great having the city’s nightlife on your doorstep, but it’s even better when it’s just beyond the garden gate.

We stayed at Hotel X as media guests of Visit Brisbane tourism board but our opinions remain our own.

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