Say hello to HOLA – Hotel Of Local Art in Eumundi, Qld

Brainchild of Nicky and Paul Thomas, HOLA is more than just a hotel; it’s a celebration of Sunshine Coast artists and is a masterclass in attention to detail. Welcome to HOLA Eumundi—Hotel Of Local Art.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi

Best known for its long-standing twice-weekly craft markets, Eumundi in Queensland is also home to one of the most creative hotels in the Sunshine Coast that is full of surprises.

At first glance, HOLA—a modern albeit discreet pair of buildings tucked away in the trees—might look nothing more than a nicely painted two-storey motel.

And perhaps you think its name is simply Spanish for ‘hello’.

But much like its name, which is in fact an acronym for Hotel Of Local Art, this is a high-end hotel packed with local handicraft and original art pieces, clever fittings and tasteful details, and beautiful styling.

Here’s our video walkthrough of HOLA, Eumundi.

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HOLA – Hotel Of Local Art, Eumundi

Set back from Memorial Drive, the main road that runs like a broad brushstroke right across town, HOLA has a serenity that Bob Ross himself would approve of.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - outside looking up

All 15 rooms are individually decorated with different original art pieces, with cups, glasses, lampshades and even bathroom sinks sourced from local craftspeople.

That’s not to say there’s any level of luxury or quality missed. Every fitting and fixture has had thought put into it.

Matching high-end bathroom amenities, Nespresso machines in every room, modern lights and switches with USB power points, a large smart TV, and magnificent stacking balcony doors that become a retractable glass wall make sure you know you’re staying in a top-of-the-line hotel.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - bed and decor HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - chair HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - minibar and wardrobe HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - bathroom amenities

The minibar is well-stocked with local produce—of course, beers, gin and vodka from Eumundi Brewery and Distillery, but also soda water and tonic from Long Rays keeps things close to home.

But there are other things like the copper spoons and bottle opener, and matching copper coat hangers and glasses all made from recycled bottles that keep the rooms interesting.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - detail shot of cups and bottle opener

How much local art is really in this hotel though?

To start with, there’s a fairly thick book that lists all the art in and around HOLA, and where it’s from and by whom. It really shows how invested the Thomases are in local art.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - art outside the hotel

Many of the things in these rooms are sourced from Eumundi’s famous craft market, which has been running since 1979, and you can order much of what you see in your room for yourself.

And in fact Nicky leaves a note in the room that lays out just how much local art, craft and handiwork has gone into making this hotel:

Where is all this art from?

“Above your bed you’ll see the fabulous work of Laura Vecmane, and in the hallway is a piece by another sensational local artist, Kurt Black.

“The handmade ‘do not disturb’ sign was created by the talented Rene McGovern, who lives just down the street.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - bedsideHOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - do not disturb sign

“The hand basin in your bathroom was created by Andrea Borelli, who lives near the beach. The ceramics featured in your room are by Elke Lucas and Jedda Clay. The brass rail in the cupboard was made here on the coast just near Maroochydore.

“Suzie Mansley made the ceramic HOLA diffuser and created the combination of bush flower essential oils that lightly fragrance your room.

“The crystal in your room is a quartz, which encourages clarity and enhances communication. There is a fantastic crystal shop in Eumundi’s Memorial Drive called Cinnabar Soul. It is well worth a visit.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - handmade bathroom sinkHOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - lampshade and bedside

“Make sure you indulge in using the Leif products in your bathroom. They are made in Australia using key native ingredients and a supporting cast of essential oils. We refill these containers to reduce plastic use.

“You can also order the coffee cups, glassware, fabulous linen features, cushions and throws from CLO Studios in Lanyana Way, Noosa Junction.”

Beyond your hotel room

HOLA’s hotel grounds are also full of paintings, sculptures and other little artistic touches.

Ostensibly the reception, the HOLA Lounge is a fun bespoke part of the hotel that collects artwork, guests and plenty of seating for an impromptu byo bar scene.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - Hola Lounge HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - art in Hola Lounge

And if it’s too early in the day, the Eumundi Coffee Co, which shares the alley with the HOLA Lounge, does arguably the best brew in town. A takeaway and a seat amongst the art in this peaceful little garden is highly recommended.

From the Lounge, it’s only a couple of steps down the alley, and you’re on Eumundi’s main street and back in the thick of things.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - seating and grass of Hola Lounge

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The Thomas Empire of Eumundi

It’s difficult to know where Nicky and Paul Thomas get all their energy from.

Not only have they created this impressive concept in their boutique hotel, they also run The Imperial Hotel—Eumundi’s biggest (and let’s face it, best) pub, not to mention the busiest and best stocked bottle shop in the area.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - Imperial Hotel Eumundi

The pub often hosts music festivals including the Offbeat Music Festival, private parties and even wedding receptions in its broad walls.

And not happy with that workload, inside the Imperial Paul has set up Eumundi Brewery—a craft beer machine that turns out a range excellent brews that pour from the pub’s taps.

Clearly Paul and Nicky still have too much time on their hands though, as the Imperial is also home to Eumundi Distillers, which crafts a range of gins and liqueurs, and is looking into barrel-aged spirits too.

Both the beers and the gins from here are complimentary in each room’s minibar in HOLA.

Now that’s what I call cross-promotion.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - Eumundi Distillery inside Imperial Hotel Eumundi HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi - Eumundi Brewery inside Imperial Hotel Eumundi

HOLA offers a unique place to lay your head in a town that in itself is completely unique. It’s a town with virtually no pokies, it’s relatively remote yet gets incredibly busy—especially when festivals and the markets are on, and there are far too many superb restaurants here for a regional town of its size.

It has a surprisingly young population, and yet everyone’s wonderfully friendly and welcoming.

In a way, HOLA fits because it’s in a town that’s so unconventional. And what a breath of fresh air that is.

HOLA Hotel Of Local Art Eumundi -

We stayed as media guests of HOLA and Visit Sunshine Coast tourism board, but our opinions remain our own.

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