All I want for Christmas is… Hint Magazine

One thing Christina and I struggle with happens every year as the festive season draws in: we never know what to get me for Christmas. It made us think – maybe other people don’t know what to buy men for Christmas either. So we thought we’d give you a Hint

What to buy men for Christmas - Hint Magazine

This select gift guide for men we’ve put together is about as clear a hint as we can make it. I mean, it’s called Hint. Pretty clear, right?

If you see something in here you like, you can point it out to your beloved: give them a Hint. If you see something here you’re beloved would like, then we’ve given you a Hint. If your other half keeps asking you what you want but you have no idea, here’s a Hint for you to think about.

You can see how it works.

The idea is we want to help take the pressure off Christmas a bit.

We hope it helps.

Click here to download your free copy of Hint Magazine

Hint is a downloadable PDF, so just click here to view it and save it – you can even forward it on to the important people concerned if you know what I mean.

What to buy men for Christmas - Hint Magazine

The way we chose the gift ideas we’ve included was to make me think what I would want people to buy men for Christmas. They’re are based around things I would love to get as presents.

The process has actually helped Christina with her Christmas shopping, so we should probably be thanking you!

Have a merry Christmas and – as ever – thank you so much for visiting our site and reading us. We do it all for you, you know.

Jim & Christina xx

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