Equipment for your home bar you need (and stuff you don’t need)

bar equipment cocktail party shaker strainer muddler

There’s nothing quite like the crack and jangle of ice as it tumbles about in a cocktail shaker. Watching a good mixologist is like watching an artist and a scientist rolled into one. They are the da Vincis of our time.

martini cocktail party drink alcohol

I’m not talking about the Tom Cruise types, who throw your drink fifteen metres into the air and catch it in their pants (“Oi! That’s my drink, mate!’). They’re just glorified jugglers. No, the true barman or woman can adjust the mix of your cocktail so that the flavours are balanced better than a tightrope walker; the colour the perfect hue.

To do this, they require a vast range of kit that, for a home bar like mine, I’ve found to be way over the top. I’ll show you the stuff I’ve found useful over the (many) years of having a bar, and the stuff I’ve discovered to be very good dust collectors.

Here are the essentials:

bar equipment cocktail party shaker strainer muddler

The cocktail shaker

bar equipment cocktail party shaker strainer muddler

I’ve got three of these – two full-size ones and the little one (on the right). If you’re having a cocktail party, it’s a good idea to have at least two so that you can wash one up while you’re making drinks in the other.

Get a three-piece shaker with a main body, a strainer middle and a close-fitting lid. Stick to stainless steel shakers. They dishwash and are everlasting. The plastic ones with
measurements for drinks look tacky and the ones made of glass will break at the worst possible moment, believe me.

The little shaker is handy for single cocktails.

The spirit jigger

bar equipment cocktail party shaker strainer muddler jigger
Unless you’ve worked for years in a bar practising your free-pour, measure your ingredients. It’ll save you a load of booze and money, and it’ll make the drinks come out better too. This jigger is pretty standard and has the single and double measure cups.

The muddler

bar equipment cocktail party shaker strainer muddler
These come in many shapes, designs, forms and materials. I like the wooden ones because they have a bit more character. This one has teeth on its base – a bit like a meat hammer. This shreds things like mint or limes as you muddle.

The long-handled spoon

bar equipment cocktail party shaker strainer muddler spoon
These cocktail spoons have quite small shallow basins and are prefect for stirring things like gin martinis (which you should never shake – see our post on the perfect martini), and for layering drinks like B52s, slippery nipples etc.

A straw

I haven’t got a picture of a straw… but I think you know what I mean. Use the straw to taste the cocktail before you pour out. You can adjust it easier that way. Dip your straw in the drink, put your finger over the end and pull the straw out. Taste the drink from the other end. This way you’re not contaminating your guest’s drink with your filthy saliva!

What you don’t need

bar equipment cocktail party shaker strainer muddler
[From right to left] The bottle opener/tin punch looks great but I’ve never used it. The cheese knife came with a cocktail set, but I don’t know why. I’ve never used that pourer thing. I can pretty much guarantee you will never ever need a whisk.

The ice bucket and tongs… I have used these – the tongs are really good – but in about an hour into a cocktail party, the ice will have either melted or been used and you’ll be back into the freezer again. My advice is just make regular trips to the freezer.


bar equipment cocktail party shaker strainer muddler
If you get a good shaker, there’ll be a strainer in the middle section. This is more than adequate for most drinks you’ll be making at home.

bar equipment cocktail party shaker strainer muddler
The one on the left fits into the shaker and strains – but isn’t much more effective than the shaker’s strainer. The one on the right is for clarifying drinks so there is really nothing but liquid there. It can take a long time to pass a whole cocktail through this thing, especially if you’ve muddled a lime in your shaker.

The one part of a bar that you should always have is plenty of silly paper umbrellas, mermaid stirrers and other strange decorations to adorn your cocktails. Let’s face it, cocktails are kitsch. Make the most of it and have fun!
bar equipment cocktail party shaker strainer muddler decoration drink


Images by Mr Romance.


  • Reply February 26, 2013


    And what of the Boston shaker?

    • Reply February 28, 2013

      Mr Romance

      Hi Sophia

      Boston shakers (half glass, half stainless) are great – especially because they give the drink so much extra space to mix. They are prone to getting jammed or – alternatively – not sealing properly, which can mean a lot of wasted alcohol! They also don’t come with an integral strainer, which is where a hawthorn strainer comes into its own.

      Thanks for the comment though. A valid point and certainly an option for a shaker for a home bar.


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  • Reply July 3, 2013


    hi, uhm, was kinda wondering if anyone knows where i can hget a hole home bar kit from? and prices?

    • Reply July 3, 2013

      Mr Romance

      Hi Riarne

      Bar kits vary in price and quality – and in the number of bits and pieces included in the kit. Most department stores in their kitchen and homewares sections will have bar kits and equipment. Otherwise you might want to try finding bar equipment stores. This is where owners stock their bars but the stores are usually open to the general public.

      Don’t forget to keep an eye open at your local op shop or charity store. It’s amazing what gets donated to them – and they’re great for glassware too. Oh and Ebay is a really good option too.

      Price-wise, you can pick up a basic one (shaker, jigger and strainer) from a department store for around $20.

      Hope this helps.

      Happy mixing!


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  • Reply December 11, 2020

    Andrew Davila

    Nice Blog.
    Keep sharing

    • Reply December 13, 2020

      Mr Romance

      Thanks Andrew. Just ordered a gift for our friends in the UK from you. Lovely brand!

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