Pizza, heatwaves and the Aussie long weekend

If there were any doubt that summer was here in Sydney, I think this past week has put everyone’s mind at rest.

With scorching 41ºC days and nights that have been almost as warm, it’s definitely time to put those woolies away.

This week, while we’ve been trying to stay cool, we’ve also discovered one of the best pizzas we’ve had anywhere (seriously) and we celebrate the long weekend with one of our best pals.

Hope you enjoy this Weekly Edition.

Cheers – Jim & Christina xx

Old Mate's Place bar

This evening, we’re out with our mates Emily and Mosilo we met on our trip to South Africa late last year.

It’s a lot of fun to hang out with these superb ladies – even more so when it’s in a cool venue like this. We’re in Old Mate’s Place – a little bar tucked away at the top of a fairly nondescript office block in the city.

The top floor is a cosy little nook, but the rooftop bar above is amazing. A real oasis.


I’m very impressed with the negronis coming from Old Mate’s Place. Love their glassware too.

This is the first time we’ve been to this bar, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be back here again soon.

Barbershop bar

Once the sun goes down, we head to an old favourite: the Barber Shop – the what’s been the best gin bar in Sydney for years.

If you’re looking for a perfectly crafted martini and one of the most remarkable selections of gins you’ve ever seen, this is the place to come.

Carlo's Pizzeria

It’s very satisfying when you discover incredible food in the most unlikely of places. It doesn’t happen very often. Judging books by their covers famously tends not to work, but telling the food by the shop’s frontage is usually accurate.

However, every now and again, you’re wrong. Just like our recent meal at Carlingford Bowling Club, northwest of the city. We’ve been here many times and the food has really improved. In fact the pie is quite something.

But the pizzas here worth travelling for.

The man behind the mozzarella, Ludvic Štefko, who also runs his own spice company Lai-Chi Taste and can be found at the Rocks markets at weekends, is from Slovenia, just north of where Christina’s father’s family is from in Trieste Italy.

His Neapolitan style pizzas have won him silver at recent world championships and I can see why. My Diavola, with ‘nduja, hot salami, capsicum and black olives is something else. It’s also spiced with chillies which are growing right behind us in the restaurant’s kitchen garden.

If you get the chance, hit this place for a pizza. It’s amazing.


Temperatures are creeping towards the high 30s and the sky is alive with weird clouds. It’s tough to know whether to put a brolly up or head for air conditioning.

Before we know it though, thermometers have spiked to 41. It’s hot.

The funny thing is when we were in northern Europe a couple of summers ago, there was a heatwave there and people were panicking. Reports were all over the news and pubic announcements on what to do and stay safe were everywhere.

A heatwave somewhere like the Netherlands is when it’s 25ºC or more three days in a row. That’s when you realise Australia’s a hot country. We get that regularly in the winter!


Back on our balcony, Christina’s taking care of our newest plant a cute little rosemary plant we’ve called Freddie. She’s just in the right place at the right time taking a snap of Fred when this bolt of lightning lights up the sky.

It’s directly overhead and the thunder shakes the ground. I’m outside at the time and it makes me duck! Being fair, we have been hit by lightning before [LINK] and I’ve never been one to give old sayings much credit!

It’s an amazing storm and we sit on the balcony (once I’ve scampered back inside!) to enjoy the show. This is what I’ve always enjoyed about an Aussie summer. Belting hot days and crackling electrical storms overnight that clear the humidity. Let’s just hope these storms don’t start any more fires.

Our pool

There’s only one thing to do when the weather gets like this: hit to pool. The only problem is the pool’s not that big and heats up when the temperature’s this high. But I’ll live with it!

White Cockatoo Hotel food

It’s the long weekend and we’re out for a few beers with our mate Anton. We’re in the White Cockatoo Hotel in Petersham.

The craft beer options here are great, as is the food.

We’re talking truffled pecorino fries and chilli calamari fritti – amazing!

White Cockatoo Hotel - Jim & Anton

It’s so good to catch up with this fella. We’ve been mates for almost 15 years  – though I don’t know where the time’s gone. Nothing better that sinking a few brews together.

We hope your week’s been as good as ours and that you’ve enjoyed this Edition.

Cheers – Jim & Christina xx

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