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Sharing your blog posts across your social media platforms can be time-consuming and draining. We’re sharing a look behind the scenes of Mr & Mrs Romance at the tools we use to make social media work for us in a way that doesn’t interrupt our creative flow.

Time-saving blogging tips - Blogging Calendar by CoSchedule

One question we’re regularly asked about running a travel and lifestyle blog is how we manage all the different platforms to publish content on. There are so many places – especially linking social media sites – to amplify our work.

After the blog itself, the most powerful tool in our arsenal is our Blog Calendar by CoSchedule.

This product lets you integrate almost all your social media platforms and allows you to schedule posts from your blog to each platform.

It sits at the end of the editing suite on our WordPress-based site (you can use CoSchedule either inside your own management platform or with CoSchedule natively) and pulls all the information from the post you’ve written into the social campaign it creates.

You can choose images to go with each social post either from your story or new images from either the rest of your media library or saved locally.

From there it’s easy.

You choose your social platform, type your message, schedule the date and time you want it to publish, and the post goes into the social media calendar.

Time-saving blogging tips - adding images to social media Blogging Calendar by CoSchedule

If you’re just starting out, here’s our post on how to start a blog, with all the guidelines from hosting and domains to CMS platforms and blog templates.

Other key features on Blog Calendar by CoSchedule

There are a few other cool tricks up this plugin’s sleeve too.

The CoSchedule headline analyser gives you a score on how clickable the standfirst you’ve written is.

It breaks each word choice into four (slightly mystifying) groups, but it does give you peace of mind when your headline scores well. As a rule of thumb, anything over 70 is what you’re after.

Time-saving blogging tips - social media Blogging Calendar by CoSchedule

The Blog Calendar itself is really helpful as it shows all scheduled social media posts from all platforms in one place and when they’re going live.

If you’re not happy with the timing of a social post, you can just drag and drop it into the day you want – definitely the easiest, most flexible way to reschedule posts that we’ve ever seen.

You can mouse over each post and it gives you a break-out preview. Or you can click it and it’ll take you to the edit screen of that specific blog post and allow you to change what you’re about to publish.

If the post has already gone live, you can duplicate, edit then reschedule for a later date really easily.

You can even go right back in time to older stories on your blog and repurpose the old social posts you’ve written to give that article a bit more airtime.

Sign up for your Blog Calendar by CoSchedule here.

Time-saving blogging tips - social media Blogging Calendar by CoSchedule

Social media analytics

From the calendar, you can also look at analytics of social posts you’ve published via CoSchedule. It gives you a surprisingly deep dive into each platform.

It even gives advice.

You can see the best days and times of day to publish on each platform based on engagement with your previous posts.

The analytics also show your most popular recent posts, which is great for looking at trends. Very handy for planning future content.

Time-saving blogging tips - Blogging Calendar by CoSchedule

It’s ironic really that social media is based on people enjoying a platform and having fun, but for us creators, it can be a real mundane drudge. CoSchedule makes pushing your blog content onto social easy, fast and effective.

Which is exactly what you want with a social media scheduling app – though as you can see, CoSchedule is a lot more than that.

Sign up for your Blog Calendar by CoSchedule here.

Time-saving blogging tips - Blogging Calendar by CoSchedule

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