Want to know what we really think of you? Our interview on Be The Drop

Want to know what we really think of you? Mrs Romance and I talk to Amelia Veale from Be The Drop about you and why we love telling you our stories of travel, food, fun and romance. Here’s our interview that digs deep into why we do what we do and how we do it.

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We genuinely love what we do. We love bringing our stories to you here at Mr & Mrs Romance, and we love the conversations we have with you about them.

For us, sharing our experiences and adventures with you – from a favourite recipe or a new local restaurant to crazy luxury hotels and far-flung travel destinations – this is our romance.

And this is what we wanted to talk about in our interview on Be The Drop.

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Be The Drop is a blog and podcast channel that looks at how and why people communicate. It’s focused on finding out how folk share a message to create a kind of collective consciousness.

The name ‘Be The Drop’ comes from the rather elegant analogy that “a waterfall starts with just one drop.” It’s how a story starts, how it comes to life, and how it grows and travels and inspires.

At the heart of this beautiful vision is Amelia Veale. Amelia is the director and founder of Be The Drop and Narrative Marketing, where storytelling is key to her mission. So when she invited us in to tell our story, we couldn’t wait.

Here’s the podcast of our interview where we share why we tell you our stories and what it means to us.

You can also download the podcast from iTunes here.

Ours is part of a series Amelia has put together all about telling stories, creating communities and being that drop that starts a waterfall.

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And here’s the video of our interview with Amelia:

I guess the main reason we really wanted to share this this interview with you is to say thanks. Thank you for spending your time with us, and coming with us on our adventures.

Without you, our stories wouldn’t stay alive.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Be The Drop - Interview

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