Fine-dining in a market town – Bask Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast

At the heart of a town known more for its long-running makers’ market than fine-dining, Bask Eumundi is set to be one of the Sunshine Coast’s premium food destinations.

Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant

*Bask has moved locations to Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast’s northern shores just near Noosa. Although this wonderful restaurant has moved, you’ll still find this story holds true to the styling of both the decor and food.

Bask has also just started its Long Lazy Lunch concept where you can relax and recline after a decedent lunch with a glass or two from the carefully curated wine list.

In true Sunny Coast style, you can also have this same experience for dinner!

I’m not sure of the exact moment we knew we were in for a treat when we first arrived at Bask.

Perhaps it was the ethereal impact of the white draped decor as we walked up the steps to the entrance.

Or maybe the way our lovely server Sarah brought a spare seat to our table for Christina’s camera.

Check out our video montage of our favourite places—including Bask—to eat in the Sunshine Coast here. Just so you know, you’ll probably feel pretty hungry after watching this!

It could have been the lilting music from the live guitar duo playing acoustic gypsy jazz vibes. Part of the Offbeat Festival sponsored by the imperial Hotel just up the street, these two talented musicians created a sound that fit perfectly with the restaurant’s ambience.

Or was it the impressive house cocktails we sipped while we perused the subtly printed tactile menus?

Quite possibly.

Christina’s Autumn Spritz with Aperol, cranberry, Prosecco and soda but the addition of cinnamon made this the taste of autumn more than any mulled wine.

And my mule, made with Eumundi Distillers‘ Folktale Makrut Lime Leaf Gin, ginger beer and mint, was a subtle yet punchy start to a remarkable meal.

Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant - cocktails

Bask Eumundi—fine-dining on the Sunshine Coast

Owners Jack Madden and Jessica Coolican both bring their own skillsets to the table here, where form, function and flavour all combine into one.

Jack’s extensive cheffing experience from some of the top restaurants in Melbourne shows in the food and wine, while Jess has created the visual and textural impact in the decor, and has her beautiful studio for her interior design firm Coolican & Company on the premises.

Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant - interior

Dining at Bask Eumundi

Rather than entrees mains and desserts, the menu here is split into several sections; taste, savour, sides and linger.

Each section is full of dishes we couldn’t possibly choose between, but thankfully a special menu has been organised for us so we don’t have to.

To get us going, Sarah brings us a serve of Jack’s daily bread—a warm fennel and onion seed pane di casa sensation with whipped almond cream, sherry vinegar, truffle and finely-grated Parmesan.

Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant - sourdough and truffled almond butter with fresh parmesan Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant - roasted beetroot in casava crisp

Also from the Taste Section, we have roasted local beetroot with a piquant horseradish cream and finely sliced radish plated in a crunchy casava crisp that’s infused with paprika.

Next we’re brought some salted cod croquettes with a preserved lemon aioli. It’s a remarkable dish—delicate, smooth and rich yet somehow refreshing. There’s a wonderful depth of flavour and a crisp citrus dynamic to the savoury.

These dishes come with a musty 2016 Pinot Gris from the Mornington Peninsula that blends and bonds with the flavours perfectly.

Perhaps it’s at this point it really sinks in just how good this evening is going to be!

Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant - salted cod croquettes

The last dish from the Taste section is an extraordinary chargrilled octopus with limoncello, fennel, pepper and bitter leaves. There’s also citrus—orange, ruby grapefruit and pomelo—that build more structure and enhance the savoury characteristics.

We find out that the octopus is sous vide at 70°C for eight hours first and then chargrilled to ensure it’s tender and umami-packed.

Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant - octopus

The wine in our glasses this time is a chilled Sangiovese Nebbiolo from Minim Wines in Castlemaine VIC—bright yet bold, savoury but full of berries.

The big dish!

Next is a large plate with just four prawns on it. But they’re all enormous!

Pan-fried king prawns each about 25cm long. They’re served in a yuzu pepper sauce with local pomelo, baby roma tomatoes, and a fennel and cress salad.

Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant - grilled king prawns Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant - roast potatoes

The dish brings out all the best things in the flavours of the prawns—savoury, sweet, ocean notes and that back-of-palate unctuousness. Sarah warns us to keep the bread this dish comes with—crusty pan-fried slices of baguette—until later to soak up the sauce at the end. She’s not wrong!

This is a whole meal in itself. No wonder it’s from the Savour section of the menu.

We also have a side of roast potatoes that are crunchy yet somehow chewy, and—like the almond and truffle butter earlier—doused in delicious fronds of fresh Parmesan.

To go with these two dishes, Sarah pours a Gruner Vertliner from Adelaide Hills—BK Wines’ Ovum to be precise. It’s a superb match with the prawns.

Iodine notes in the wine plant their feet squarely over delicious prawn meat and let the other flavours climb up its legs.

Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant - interior decor

We consider the dessert menu for a moment, but then realise we’re far too full as I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

Maybe next time!

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Where to eat in Eumundi Queensland, Bask Restaurant

We dined as media guests of Bask and Visit Sunshine Coast tourism board, but our opinions remain our own.

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