We’re back in Sydney… but not for long!

It’s amazing how quickly the body and mind can recover. We’ve been back in Australia for just a few days after an epic and extraordinary trip to South Africa, and now we’re off again!

This time, we’re heading to the States to check out a new Business Class flight service, to explore some more of the USA and to catch up with some dear friends we haven’t seen for far too long.

But even while we’ve been trying to get over our jet lag and the exhaustion of travelling almost 30,000km in nine days, we’ve fallen victim to FOMO.

With things like a new collab launch between two of our favourite stationery and photographer brands, and a new perfume concept starting at one of Sydney’s best hotels – with cocktails at the rooftop bar of course – how could we possibly stay home?

We hope you enjoy this quick home-coming catchup. Cheers – Jim & Christina xx

Just hours after our flight landed back in Sydney (sleep felt like a blink!) and I’m crossing the bridge north for a very special friend.

The darling Emma of Emma Kate Co has also just flown in from New Zealand to announce an amazing new partnership with photographer, Gemma Peanut.

For this special event, I’ve headed to The Fernery in Mosman.

Side note – what a surprise The Fernery is! Hidden above the Mosman Club, you need to sign in RSL-style then take the lift up to the rooftop and you’ll find these sweeping views across to the city.

There’s a bar full of hanging plants and a chic-looking restaurant as well.

But back to the launch, can you see the joy in both our faces? I’m so excited to come and support my friend. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen each other and we’ve got so much to catch up on. But eventually I have to let Emma get back to the important announcement.

Almost a year in the making, these two creatives have put their hearts into inventing the most divine baby book.

Even calling it a ‘baby book’ belies the true gorgeousness of this journal. Full of Emma’s beautiful script and hand-painted illustrations (including a world map and family tree), the Little Dreamer journal is also in a beautiful box, making a true keepsake to treasure.

Gemma has designed the content so perfectly, thinking of every memory to share and making it super simple to complete so that any busy parent can fill it up easily.

The Little Dreamer journal is now top of my list for baby shower presents and I’ve already bought one for my friend.

I definitely think you need to buy this for the new parents in your life so click through here to order a Little Dreamer book.

This afternoon, I’m at The Hyatt Regency to meet a very inspiring woman.

Have you ever fallen for a brand because of its founder? Johanna Monange of fragrance house Maison 21G has incredible presence, and hearing her vision for democratising customised perfume has me swooning.

When I share with Johanna that I wear a different fragrance on special trips, Johanna grasps my hand – she knows I understood the power of scent memories.

Apparently you remember only 5% of what you see but 35% of what you smell. I already recommend brides choose a fragrance for their wedding day and I’ve now extended this to special holidays as well.

Entering the new Maison 21G boutique in the Hyatt Regency is a sensory experience.

Creating a custom fragrance is normally extremely complicated and tremendously expensive. Initially, sitting down at this wheel of fragrances, I feel a little overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

But Maison 21G have simplified the entire process and you leave with your unique eau de parfum for only $70.

First you complete a short personality quiz, and from that your profile suggests three recipes for you to try. You test these and any others that suit your mood.

Once you’ve chosen your combination (there are over 800 possibilities) you watch your fragrance being mixed in this golden machine in store. Then your bottle can be custom printed so that no-one else can have the same perfume.

The experience of creating my fragrance is so lovely and I want to come back with family and friends to make a special gift for them too. Making a custom Maison 21G would be a beautiful experience or gift for wedding parties.

Up in the Hyatt Regency’s rooftop bar Zephyr, which has an amazing view out over Darling Harbour and the western scope of Sydney Harbour, the launch party for Maison 21G kicks off.

It’s the perfect evening for the party and it looks like it’ll be a lovely sunset too.

The team at Zephyr have created a set of signature cocktails – the Sensory Summer Collection – to go with Johanna Monange’s seductive range of perfumes. There are four cocktails that pair with four of Maison 21G’s scents, which are for sale here at $55 for the drink and 25ml perfume phial.

Rooftop Air – a gin-forward cocktail with cane syrup, lime juice and an aquafaba foam is paired with Magnetic Myrr – aromatic, crisp and sensual.

Raspberry Skyline is a blend of vodka, raspberry and pineapple and served up as a martini. This drink is paired with Johanna’s Raspberry Redemption, a sweet and fruity scent with a hint of pineapple.

Royal Passionfruit Mojito is with Zephyr’s own vanilla-infused rum, mint, passionfruit puree and syrup, and topped with soda. This goes with the sweet, hypnotic Vanilla Venus.

Ocean Breeze is a bright, colourful cocktail using Zephyr’s signature gin, blue curaçao, fresh basil and lime, and topped with pomegranate soda. It comes in a vermouth glass dusted with gold! This drink’s perfume partner is Sage Supreme, a fresh, subtle scent.

The Sensory Summer Collection is available at Zephyr from October 2019-January 2020.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick catch up. Next time we see you, we’ll be Stateside!

Cheers – Jim & Christina xx

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