American Romance: New York City – Part 1

Here we are finally in New York City! Mrs Romance has been talking about getting here since a long time before we even left Sydney. And straight away I can see why. This is a city where life is everywhere.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - NYC title

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 1 NYC cruise

One of the first things we do while we’re here is go on a sailing cruise of the Hudson River. It’s an excellent thing to do and gives you a great new perspective on Manhattan, New Jersey and the other islands.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 2 NYC cruise

It’s also pretty glam, we reckon! Book through, who set you up on 80-foot sailing schooners with no more than 39 more shipmates to keep you company.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 3 NYC cruise

We sail right past Lady Liberty. She certainly strikes an impressive figure right out here on the Hudson.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 4 brownstown

Our street in the West Village is lined with brownstones full of famous people. Ours is apparently next door to Willem Dafoe’s. He’s a pretty good neighbour though – we don’t catch sight nor sound from him.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 5 Times Square

As we explore the streets of the Big Apple, we hit Times Square for as little time as possible. It’s crazy, and full of tourists and randomly naked, body-painted weirdos.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 6 burn-out

It’s true you can see anything in New York. Here’s a burn-out van on Broadway, metres from the Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park. If you look closely, you can even see the Empire State Building peeping out from the background.

The cheese section (or one of them) at Eataly, next to the Flatiron Building, Manhattan. I want a bed of cheese! #AmericanRomance #cheese by @mrandmrsromance

While we’re in the area, we drop in at Eataly for lunch. The cheese counter – or at least one of the many – is awesome.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 7 Birreria above Eataly

Upstairs on the roof of Eataly is Birrera. The list of brews puts a smile on my face!

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 8 Flatiron view

The views from Birrera are as good as the food and the beer. This is how close we are to the Flatiron.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 9 Mr shopping

The shopping in New York is another must. Everything’s here. For Mr Romance…

My spiritual home – if only the States would lift the embargo and sell Cuban cigars 🙁 Still, a two-storey humidor is a pretty cool I must admit. by @angrybastard
Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 10 Mrs shopping

…and for Mrs Romance.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 11 Central Park

We spend half a beautiful day exploring Central Park.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 12 Central Park

The view of the Pond from Bow Bridge is pretty special.

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 13 Upper East Side

We finally make our way to the roof bar of the Met Museum. Here’s the view of the Upper East Side. Now let’s play Where’s Wally!

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 14 Upper West Side

And looking the other way, the Upper West Side. This time Wally’s much easier to find!

Views of the Manhattan skyline & Central Park from the roof of the Met Museum. And a cameo from @hairromance! #AmericanRomance #nyc by @mrandmrsromance

Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 15 The Lady

The sun sets behind the Lady of Liberty, but the city of New York is just waking up…

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Images by Mr and Mrs Romance via Instagram: @MrAndMrsRomance, @HairRomance and of course @AngryBastard!


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