5 Fine Foodie Finds: Wonka’s golden ticket, coffee tasting, Devon Café, Max Brenner and Zumbo Tim Tams

Finding something new, interesting and incredibly delicious to eat or drink is probably one of the most satisfying and invigorating things ever! Here are our latest 5 foodie finds we’ve got our teeth into recently.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Five Foodie Finds

You might be surprised to know that I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth. That doesn’t mean I don’t like sweets or chocolate. I’ll still eat a whole block of Lindt if it’s put in front of me.

But in a restaurant, I’m the one going for the cheese plate rather than the cheese cake… or another main if I think no one’s watching!

Mrs Romance, on the other hand, is a sugar fiend. She loves the dessert menu and often goes there straight away before choosing her entrée… but after ordering her drink, of course!

With this in mind, you’ll see that Mrs R had much more influence over the choice of this issue of 5 Five Foodie Finds. Nonetheless, they’re all great, and we’re excited about adding these to our food and drink repertoire:

1. Wonka’s Golden Ticket

Mr and Mrs Romance - Wonka Golden Tickets 2014

At a recent launch party, Mrs Romance learned that the real life Wonka chocolate factory is matching its illustrious fictional counterpart with a scrumdiddlyumptious offer. Hidden in 5 specially marked choc bars will be golden tickets.

These golden tickets will allow 5 lucky winners the chance to visit the Wonka factory and discover the delights within! How bloody cool’s that?!

If you win, you’ll also be given the chance to create your own chocolate bar with any topping you can think of. The winning bar will then become part of the Wonka range and sold commercially!

I wonder if they’re giving away a lifetime’s supply of chocolate too?

Full Ts & Cs are here on the Wonka Facebook page.

2. De’Longhi and the art of coffee

Image courtesy of SCAA.

SCAA Poster Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel

We recently went to meet with De’Longhi to look at their newest home coffee machines. We’ve got a Nespresso machine, which we LOVE, but these new ones are incredible.

While we were talking to De’Longhi about their Lattissima Pro machines, we met with a coffee expert, who talked about blending your own coffee beans and understanding the flavours and intricacies of coffee. This coffee taster’s flavour sheet shows how complex coffee can be.

Most importantly, as the wheel on the right shows, the comparison between what we sense with our mouths to our noses is remarkable. Our sense of smell is so much more sensitive than our taste senses. Very interesting.

3. Devon Café – now open for dinner

Mr and Mrs Romance - Devon by night

Tucked away in Surry Hills and home of the ultimate toastie, the dinner menu of the the uber-popular Devon Café is an eclectic mix. Daytime regulars will notice a surprising difference with what’s up for grabs on their new evening menu.

Mrs R got to sample the menu on opening, and her picks are the sashimi, the lobsters rolls and the beef short ribs. She wasn’t as keen on the wobbly savoury custard – though its popularity among the rest of the group was unquestionable.

4. Max Brenner’s new chocolate menu

Mr and Mrs Romance - New menu fro Max Brenners Chocolate cafes

Mrs Romance was in her element when she got to go and experience the new menus Max Brenner Chocolate Bars have brought out. Along with the classic staples that have and hopefully always will be available to eat and drink, the new things here are awesome.

Stand-outs for Mrs Romance were the Salted Caramel Tart and the Chocolate Mess is fun to share, but for her, the Praline Meringue Puff Extravaganza was the ultimate in choc heaven.

5. New Tim Tam flavour by Adriano Zumbo

Mr and Mrs Romance - New red velvet Tim Tams by Adriano Zumbo

Back in February, we told you about how the exultant Chef Zumbo had partnered with Arnott’s to come up with 3 new Tim Tam flavours. They were exquisite, but not satisfied with just the 3, Zumbo has come up with another flavour: the Red Velvet Cake Tim Tam.

Bright red inside with a rich, buttery cakey flavour, these new Tim Tams are almost as good as our favourite from the first 3 – the Salted Caramel Tim Tams.

If you’re not sure how best to eat these wonders the biscuit world, here’s how to perform the perfect Tim Tam Slam!


Do you have any great foodie tips you’ve found recently that you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

Images by Mrs Romance.

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