10 ways to make your Christmas birthday special

Happy birthday, Mrs Romance! That’s right, it’s my beautiful wife’s big day today!

Exactly one week before Christmas Day, Christina’s birthday has always meant that this time of year is even more exciting for her. Even at the risk of her day being overshadowed by all the festive celebrations, Mrs R has always carried on regardless.

Mr and Mrs Romance - how to make the most of your Christmas Birthday

Mind you, I’m still surprised even now that she never really broadcasts that it’s her birthday (that’s my job!). She’s got more class than that! Instead she just gets incredibly excited. It’s very endearing.

However, there are pitfalls. I’ve always made a point to never EVER give her a combined birthday and Christmas gift. I’ve never suggested it, but I can imagine it would really piss her off. I know I would be. If anything, I make sure her birthday present is better than her Christmas prezzie.

I’m sure she doesn’t mind if it comes from friends, but I feel I have that extra level of responsibility!

I get the impression that the two-in-one gift happens to her more often than she likes to admit. Like many other ‘Christmas babies’, Mrs R has learnt to make the most of her birthday being close to the Yuletide.

Here are her 10 top tips for making the most out of having a Christmas birthday – and ways you can help someone whose birthday’s in late December have a great day too.

Birthday Girl, over to you!

“It can be hard having a birthday so close to Christmas but I’ve always loved it. It’s my favourite time of year. Here’s how I make sure my birthday doesn’t get lost in the holidays.

I think these tips apply to anyone who wants to make the most of their birthday. It’s so important to be thankful for every birthday. As my mum says, it’s a gift to make it to your next birthday, so make the most of it!

  1. Tell people it’s your birthday

    No need to be pushy, but a little early warning makes it easier on your friends to remember that your birthday is coming up.

  2. Make plans for your birthday in advance

    If you want to catch up with friends and family on your actual birthday, make plans early. The holidays are peak party season and you need to get in first. Also remember that restaurants and bars are busy and you will need to book in advance.

  3. Keep your expectations in check

    Remember it is peak party season so don’t take it personally if someone can’t make it to your birthday party.

  4. Celebrate your birthday week (or month!)

    This makes the whole week more fun and gives you more opportunities to catch up with your close friends. I love birthdays and the more excuses to celebrate, the better.

  5. Create birthday rituals

    Do something that makes you feel good on your birthday, or start a tradition with your friends that you do on everyone’s birthday. This will give you that birthday feeling even on Christmas Day.

  6. Write a gift wishlist

    With Christmas coming up right behind your birthday, your friends and family may need tips for what to buy you as they need two ideas instead of one. Don’t fear the “double present”. With a birthday a week before Christmas, I would often get one present instead of two separate presents.
    Friends would always ask if this was a pain but I didn’t mind. Combined presents are usually bigger and better anyway. Plus I’m always so excited to get a gift, no matter how small.

  7. Always have cake

    A party without cake is just a meeting. Cake makes everything more fun so make sure you have a birthday cake, even if it’s just a cupcake. Put a candle in it and remember to make a huge wish for the coming year as you blow the candle out.

  8. Treat yourself

    There are so many sales at this time of year, why not pick yourself up a special birthday treat. As I always say, if it’s 50% off you can buy twice as much! 😉

  9. Get photo-ready

    I make it a birthday ritual to get my hair done the week before and a blowdry on my birthday so I’m sure to have a good hair day. Birthdays are when you will be photographed more than any other day so make an effort to look good and feel good so you’ll enjoy looking back on the photos each year.

  10. Move your birthday!

    Sometimes it gets too crazy at this time of year and no matter how early you start trying to organise a catch up, it’s just never going to happen. So move your birthday! Pick another day and celebrate it then.
    Personally I like March; January is almost as busy as December. Then in February, everyone goes on a detox (as it’s the shortest month) and by the time March rolls around everyone is ready to party!”

How do you celebrate a Christmas birthday? Tell us in the comments below!

And feel free to wish Mrs Romance a happy birthday too!

Image by Mrs Romance.


  • Reply December 18, 2013


    Happy Birthday Christina!! It’s actually my Mums birthday today too. I always make sure to buy separate birthday & Christmas gifts, even if it’s something tiny. I’ve always felt lucky that my birthday is in June, well, except for the fact that I could never have a pool party!

    • Reply December 18, 2013

      Mrs Romance

      Happy birthday to your mum Nat!! It’s also Brad Pitt’s birthday too, but it’s so hard to coordinate a joint party 😉 You should celebrate your birthday in the northern hemisphere next year so you can have a pool party! xx

  • Reply December 18, 2013


    Happy Birthday, Christina! I hope you are having the most fabulous day so far. xx
    I’m a big believer in the Birthday Week and it must include 2 weekends so you’ve got enough time to do all the things and catch up with all the people you want to!
    As for birthdays and anniversaries in our house…our wedding anniversary is in March, Chris’ birthday is in June and my birthday is in September and then we’ve got Christmas in December, so that gives us something to celebrate each quarter. We’ve worked that out well, haven’t we?!

    • Reply December 19, 2013

      Mrs Romance

      Thanks gorgeous! I love your thinking on the two weekend birthday week. You’ve also totally got the quarterly celebrations sorted! We do a mini-versary every month so there’s always a reason to do something sweet x

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