15 incredible bucket list hotel pools

If you like the idea of floating in serene waters with spectacular views of mountains, lakes and oceans in front of you, you’ll want to check out our bucket list of incredible hotel pools from around the world.

Bucket list hotel pools from around the world - Mr & Mrs Romance

Usually when you book a hotel room, it’s because you want to visit the place around the hotel. But these 15 hotels have pools that are so incredible they almost become a destination in themselves. Almost.

Thankfully there’s no need to choose between pool or destination: these pools and their respective hotels are also in places you’ll really want to see as well.

From the alpine peaks of Switzerland to the wild jungles of Borneo, we’ve brought you some of the most magical places for a footprint and pools for tired feet – or at least to add them to your travel dreams hit list. They’re certainly on ours!

We’ve been lucky enough to have experienced some of these hotel pools for ourselves, so we’ve added a bit more detail into those we’ve been to. But the others are in our sights, that’s for sure.

15 bucket list hotel pools

1. Perivolas – Santorini, Greece

Bucket list hotel pools - Perivolas, Greece

Bucket list hotel pools - Perivolas, Greece

Perched on cliffs high above the Aegean Sea and built on the restored remains of 300-year-old cave dwellings, the Perivolas is already a special part of Santorini.

Then you add in this sublime pool nestled within the curved whitewashed walls of the 20 suites and the Perivolas takes things to the next level.

Shop prices at Perivolas here.

2. The Cambrian – Adelboden, Switzerland

Bucket list hotel pools - Cambrian, Switzerland

Sitting at over 1,300 metres amidst the mountain peaks of the Bern Canton’s Swiss Alps, the Cambrian offers incredible views of snow-covered ranges from every window.

But even better are the views from the pool.

Part of the Cambrian’s spa facilities, this pool is well-heated and even flows through to an indoor section if the snowy weather gets too cold.

Shop prices at The Cambrian here.

3. Borneo Rainforest Lodge – Danum Valley, Malaysian Borneo

Bucket list hotel pools - Danum Valley, Borneo

Though not the biggest pool you’ll find, this one is all yours. And relaxing in your own private pool in the middle of the magical Borneo jungle is quite something.

The sounds of gibbons hooting in the trees and the Danum River swirling its way through one of the last natural habitats of orang utans and pigmy elephants, this is a special place indeed.

The Borneo Rainforest Lodge is an incredible place that somehow couples the wild romance of adventure and exploration with indulgence of luxury.

Check out our full review and tale of our time in Danum Valley, Borneo.

4. Aleenta Phuket – Phang Nga, Thailand

Bucket list hotel pools - Aleenta Phuket, Thailand

Bucket list hotel pools - Aleenta Phuket, Thailand

Staring at the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean from the edge of your own private pool is something everyone needs to do at least once in their lives!

Going straight from your villa into the water is amazing – and it’s only a quick stroll down to the shoreline if you feel the need for some surf.

Most of the villas in the Aleenta Phuket have their own pool, but if you don’t – or if you want a bit of variety, the shared pool is pretty spectacular too.

Bucket list hotel pools - Aleenta Phuket, Thailand

Check out our full review and video walk-through of Aleenta Phuket here.

Shop prices at Aleenta Phuket here.

5. Delamore Lodge – Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Bucket list hotel pools - Delamore Lodge, New Zealand

Looking out over the deep blue waters of New Zealand’s Owhanake Bay in the Hauraki Gulf, Delamore Lodge’s exquisite semicircular heated infinity pool is perfect.

It’s only a short ferry ride (or even shorter helicopter flight!) from Auckland to Waiheke Island and this award-winning hotel.

Shop prices at Delamore Lodge here.

6. LeCrans Hotel and Spa – Lens, Switzerland

Bucket list hotel pools - LeCrans, Switzerland

Bucket list hotel pools - LeCrans, Switzerland

Crowning the lofty height of the Crans-Montana ski resort in the Swiss Alps’ Valais region, LeCrans Hotel and Spa offers mind-blowing views out across one of the world’s most famous mountain ranges.

It’s pool: a tranquil retreat set amongst the pine tops and mountain peaks, and snugly embedded in white drifts of winter snow.

Shop prices at LeCrans Hotel and Spa here.

7. Sala Phuket Resort and Spa – Mai Kao, Thailand

Bucket list hotel pools - Sala, Thailand

If it’s privacy you’re after, the Sala in Phuket, Thailand is the way to go. Within your walls to your villa complex, you have sole access to this beautiful pool and outdoor lounge.

If the pool’s too much for you or you feel like a good soak, there’s also a magnificent bathtub by the pool too.

People feeling like a change of scenery or socialising can explore the hotel’s shared pool, which is also a bit closer to the beach – and more importantly the bar!

Bucket list hotel pools - Sala, Thailand

Check out our full review and video walk-through of the Sala Phuket here.

And shop prices at Sala here.

8. Four Seasons Shanghai at Pudong – Shanghai, China

Bucket list hotel pools - Four Seasons Shanghai Pudong, China

The high-octane heart of Shanghai is all yours to see from the huge windows of the Four Seasons Shanghai at Pudong.

This rather sexy pool is part of a hotel focused on bringing exclusivity, luxury and the romance of the city to its guests. As you’d expect with a Four Seasons hotel, the brief has been met a few times over here.

Shop prices at the Four Season Shanghai at Pudong here.

9. Sina Hotel Brufani – Perugia, Italy

Bucket list hotel pools - Sina Brufani, Italy

Set overlooking the high point of Perugia, Italy, the Brufani is a beautiful old hotel with hidden secrets at its feet.

This underground grotto of a pool has to be the most atmospheric of all the pools – not only on this list but that we’ve ever been to.

Apart from the old archways and golden light of the current building, the Brufani’s pool is built over ancient Etruscan ruins. The Etruscans were the original occupants of this part of Italy before the Romans, who all but destroyed their civilisation.

These ruins, carefully hidden beneath thick glass under the quiet waters of the hotel pool, stand as a reminder of an ancient forgotten people.

For our full review of the Sina Brufani Hotel, click here.

And shop prices at the Sina Brufani Hotel here.

10. The Springs Resort and Spa – Arenal, Costa Rica

Bucket list hotel pools - The Springs, Arenal Costa Rica

Set just 4 miles from the peak of the Arenal Volcano, The Springs Resort and Spa in Costa Rica takes advantage of not only the incredible views of the mountain but also the hot springs from around it.

And though every room here has views out over the Arenal Volcano National Park, it’s the pool that’s the real showstopper. Free-form lagoon pools that range in temperature flow down the resort showing the best the Arenal Volcano has to offer.

Shop prices at The Springs Resort and Spa here.

11. Aleenta Hua Hin – Pranburi, Thailand

Bucket list hotel pools - Aleenta Hua Hin, Thailand

Venerated as one of the favourite residences of the Thai royal family, Hua Hin and its coastline hold a special meaning in Thailand.

It somehow makes it even more special when you can bob around in your own private pool and lose yourself in the sunset or watching the lights of distant ships as night falls here in the Aleenta Hua Hin.

Cleverly combining luxury with its stance as an eco hotel, the Aleenta Hua Hin sets itself apart from most resorts. There is only one separate villa with its own pool, but as you can see, the exclusivity pays dividends.

Bucket list hotel pools - Aleenta Hua Hin, Thailand

Here’s our full review of the Aleenta Hua Hin.

And shop prices at the Aleenta Hua Hin here.

12. Hotel Rivalago – Sulzano, Italy

Bucket list hotel pools - Rivalago, Italy

Standing stately on the shores of Lake Iseo – just east of Lake Como, Italy – the Hotel Rivalago has the classic look of an Italian lakeside hotel.

It’s pool, close to the lake’s edge, is the perfect place to relax by day. By night, it’s often transformed for special events and dinners with all the glamour and beauty you’d expect from a venue and location like this.

We’re particularly excited to be able to include this beautiful pool and its hotel in this list, as this is the venue of our friends’ wedding.

Bucket list hotel pools - Rivalago, Italy

Shop prices at the Hotel Rivalago here.

13. The Sarojin – Khao Lak, Thailand

Bucket list hotel pools - Sarojin, Thailand

This beachfront hotel looks out over the beautiful Andaman Sea and the Similan Islands, but it’s the pool that’s caught our eye.

This 25m2 infinity pool with its daybeds that look like they’re floating is stunning. Secluded, luxurious and within the sounds of the Andaman’s rolling waves, this is what you want in a hotel pool.

Shop prices at the Sarojin here.

14. Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Tremezzina, Italy

Bucket list hotel pools - Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Italy

Bucket list hotel pools - Grand Hotel Tremazzo, Italy

Right across the lake from famed Bellagio, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Tremezzina is about as ‘on the lake’ as you can get.

This iconic hotel punctuates the shoreline of one of the world’s most famous lakes. It has three pools, but the one to talk about is actually in Lake Como.

Click here to see how to get to this part of Lake Como by train from Milan and the wonders you’ll find when you get there.

15. LeMeridien KK – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo

Bucket list hotel pools - LeMeridien Kota Kinabalu, Borneo

Peering down on the busy esplanade of Kota Kinabalu – Malaysian Borneo’s capital city – the rooftop pool of the LeMeridien KK is perfectly positioned for sunset over the South China Sea.

On the shoreline the nightly food markets try to tempt you down from the warm water and friendly service of the hotel pool and its bar.

Kota Kinabalu is the gateway to the rest of Sabah and its wealth of natural beauty, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in a hurry to leave – especially when the views here are this good!

Click here to see our full review of the LeMeridien Kota Kinabalu.

And shop prices at LeMeridien KK here.

Bucket list hotel pools - Mr & Mrs Romance

Which hotel pool is your favourite from our list? Have you been to any of these places? Tell us in the comments below!

Un-watermarked images sourced from respective hotels’ Facebook galleries.

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