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We haven’t been everywhere, but we’re working on it! We did the whole back-packing thing a while ago, so now we like to travel a little more comfortably. Read on for travel tips and stories of Europe, America, Asia, and Australia and the South Pacific… so far!

Winter Escapes: a Coogee Beach stay-cation

Mr and Mrs Romance - Winter escapes - Coogee Staycation

We love a stay-cation. There’s something about having a holiday in your own town… We both love going to the beach in the winter. For Mrs Romance it’s the lack of crowds and the way the ocean looks. She loves the crisp sunny days where the water sparkles but where she can still wear a [...]

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Where to relax in paradise: Ikatan Balinese Day Spa, Noosa, Queensland

Mr & Mrs Romance - Ikatan - title

I love going to spas. For one, it sheds a bit of light on how the other half live. And by ‘other half’, I mean women, of course! For another, it’s absolutely awesome being pampered. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m a manly kinda guy. I can talk sport and use an axe, I can [...]

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The Ultimate Romantic Getaway: Spicers Tamarind Retreat, the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Mr and Mrs Romance - Spicers Retreat Title 1

Spicers Tamarind Resort in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is the perfect escape. Grab a book, snuggle up next to your mister or missus and let your mind unwind! Whenever someone says the word ‘retreat’ to me, three things spring immediately to mind: being a million miles away from civilisation, looking for some kind of spiritual [...]

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The ultimate winter getaway and romance recharge: Noosa, Queensland

Mr & Mrs Romance - Noosa - Noosa title

If you’re looking for somewhere to get rid of that Aussie winter funk, come with us as we explore the romance recharge potential of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. Mrs Romance and I love living right in the heart of the city. The thrill of being right in the middle of all that life and [...]

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10 Recurring Food Dreams that make us want to get Stateside


Everyone gives the USA a hard time for their food. But are those huge portions of over-oiled sugary heart explosions really all the States has to offer? I hadn’t really been to the States properly before last year (stopping in transit at LAX doesn’t really count, does it?) I imagined huge brimming piles of unfortunate [...]

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The Secret to Surviving Biennale 2014

Mr and Mrs Romance - Sydney Harbour Bridge BOS19

  The Biennale art exhibition has been going since 1973. Every two years since then, almost 90 countries showcase artists on an individual level “rather than representations of nationhood.” But it’s not the only reason to go to Cockatoo Island in Sydney. We love exploring Sydney when the Biennale is on. It’s like being in [...]

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Restaurant Review: The Boarding House, Chicago

Mr-and-Mrs-Romance-The Boarding House Chicago title

If it’s fine food, an expansive wine list, amazing décor and the best date night out that you’re after, get your butt down to The Boarding House, Chicago! Eating out in Chicago is problematic. There are just too many places to choose from! We’d heard from a friend before we left Australia that the Girl [...]

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What’s hiding under the mountain – Orvieto, Italy

Orvieto Umbria, Italy

The ancient Italian city of Orvieto is like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. Perched on an extinct volcano, its secret tunnels carry the history of its extinct people deep into the heart of the mountain. Halfway between the Cinque Terre and Naples, Orvieto is the perfect place to pull up for the night [...]

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Burano, Venice’s most colourful hidden secret

Burano, Venice’s most colourful hidden secret

The most colourful island of Venice’s archipelago, Burano is the unsung diamond in the Venetian crown. Venice, Italy is one of the most extraordinary places on Earth. Romance flows down its canals like the many little boats, gondolas and vaporetti that float along its waterways. The whole city is a living, floating museum, but there’s [...]

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Aperitivo Hour – A sneaky way to eat for free in Italy

Mr and Mrs Romance - Cin Cin - aperitivo hour Milan

Italians are famed for their hospitality, but there is no better example of this than aperitivo hour in Milan. Go to any bar in the nation’s fashion capital at around 6 or 7pm and you’ll be welcomed by a wonderful sight. We discovered it completely by accident when we were looking for a place for [...]

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