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We haven’t been everywhere, but we’re working on it! We did the whole back-packing thing a while ago, so now we like to travel a little more comfortably. Read on for travel tips and stories of Europe, America, Asia, and Australia and the South Pacific… so far!

Aperitivo Hour – A sneaky way to eat for free in Italy

Mr and Mrs Romance - Cin Cin - aperitivo hour Milan

Italians are famed for their hospitality, but there is no better example of this than aperitivo hour in Milan. Go to any bar in the nation’s fashion capital at around 6 or 7pm and you’ll be welcomed by a wonderful sight. We discovered it completely by accident when we were looking for a place for [...]

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The best way to get around in Venice, Italy – how to use the vaporetto system

Postcard perfect Venice Italy - Mr and Mrs Romance

Ah, Venice! It really is like being in a postcard. I didn’t think it would be as fascinating or as beautiful as it really is until I was there. Even with Mrs Romance excitedly describing every detail as our train pulled into Venezia S. Lucia Station didn’t completely prepare me. Roaming the little pathways and [...]

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5 Books that Have Inspired us to Travel

How to Create a Travel Life you Love by Caz and Craig Makepeace

At the moment we’re going through the hardest part of the travel process: deciding on where to go. And it’s not down to a shortage of choices that’s making things difficult. We’ve already written our own separate top-ten lists on where we want to go this year, but we’re still no closer to working out [...]

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How to take a taxi in Italy and not get ripped off

How to take a taxi in Italy and not get ripped off

 Taking a taxi in Italy can feel like a bit of a lottery. You might get a crazy behind the wheel, you might get a friendly, chatty professional driver. Or you might get someone intent on ripping you off. However, although they have a bad reputation, Italian taxis are really no worse that other big [...]

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Our first-timer’s guide to San Diego, CA

The First-timer's essential guide to San Diego CA - Mr and Mrs Romance

For me California conjures images of endless pristine beaches, perfect weather, happy people and great food. It’s a cliché, but like all clichés, there’s got to be an element of truth to it somewhere. A quintessence that provides the rule. There’s nowhere else closer to this perfect visage than San Diego. It’s a happy city – a [...]

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Gusti di Frontiera international food festival, Gorizia, Italy

Mr and Mrs Romance - 1 Gorizia food festival

I once asked Mrs Romance if she could only eat one type of food for the rest of her life, which would it be? I was expecting her to say ‘Italian’, but she surprised me with ‘Japanese’. Well, I still think I’d answer with ‘Italian’ and I’ll tell you why. I’m bloody sneaky! If I [...]

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He said, she said – Where do you want to travel to this year?

Where do you want to travel to this year - Mr and Mrs Romance

*The most exciting thing about He Said, She Said is wondering if we’ll still be married by the end of each post! We both write on the same topic but we don’t read the other’s work until after it’s published.* We love to travel. For this post we decided to write our top 10 travel [...]

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Where to find a good lunch in Essex – Tiptree Jam Factory

Mr & Mrs Romance - Tiptree Jam - 1 Title

“Just enjoy your lunch, will you?” I couldn’t believe it. The lady on the table behind us clearly needed to have her opinion heard. I was taking a picture of my lunch (a blogger’s curse) at the Tiptree Jam Factory and Tea Rooms in Essex, England at the time. I forced a smile, thanked her [...]

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Mr & Mrs Romance’s Essential Guide to Siena, Italy

The essential guide to Siena Italy by Mr and Mrs Romance

Of all the Tuscan cities to use as a base, I do believe Siena is the best. It’s big enough to keep you entertained on days you don’t feel like heading out in the car to explore the rest of Tuscany. On the other hand, it’s small enough for you to be able to get [...]

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A walk through the Paris flower markets

Paris flower markets

The Marche aux Fleurs et Oiseaux is one of the oldest markets in Paris. In the middle of the Seine on the Ile de la Cite, the flower markets are just down the road from Notre Dame and have been there for over two hundred years. On Sundays the bird markets open and the cut flower vendors take a rest [...]

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