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Mr & Mrs Romance - USA - 3 NYC cruise

About Mr & Mrs Romance

Back in 2000 – on 15th September to be exact (it was a Friday) – two people met completely at random. Realising they shared many insights into the world around them, they decided to explore that world together and see just how accurate those insights really were.

The good news is we’re still together and discovering more every day. We are Mr and Mrs Romance – or Jim and Christina to our friends.

This site is both a tribute and a guide to what we know, how we know it and what to do when your soul mate has a perspective that you don’t necessarily agree with! We love to travel, to eat, to drink and most of all to laugh. Being serious is not one of our favourite pastimes, so please read our blog with the same smile on your face we have as we write it.

We love sharing our experiences. By its very nature, sharing makes people put in what they have to offer. We think it’s really important that if you have something to share, this is the place to do it.

Some of the things you’ll find we love

We love travelling! We certainly haven’t been everywhere but where we have been, we think is a pretty good start. Check out our travel section to see where we’ve been so far, what we’ve done while we were there and how we did it.

We love eating! This isn’t supposed to be a food blog so don’t expect too many recipes but there will be plenty of pictures of delicious food we’ve eaten (and occasionally cooked), and some great tips for parties and quick dinners.

We love drinking! We have a bar in our apartment, so expect some cocktails and tips on making delicious drinks for friends – or, more importantly, yourself. Jim loves beer, Christina loves champagne and we both love a good gin martini.

Jim loves cigars! Find out all I know about those brown sticks of hand-rolled beauty.

Christina loves shopping! Discover all my tips for shopping smart, shopping quickly and shopping with a man – it’s not as easy as it sounds!

We both love talking and in the He Said, She Said section, you can see how different our worlds are even though we’ll probably agree with each other in the end. Probably.

Have fun reading our site.