She’ll shop till you drop – part 3

by Mr Romance on February 13, 2013 · 2 comments

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I’m really quite good at tying my shoe laces. I can do it almost without thinking. I can also cross the road safely and effectively… most of the time and I’m a star at making toast. Shopping, however, is not something I can do with perfunctory automation.

Women can. You guys are great at it. And because of this – because you’ve been brought up to find joy in the thought of rows and rows of clothes, you’re brilliant at shopping.

prada miu miu outlet shopping shops Mrs Romance smashed the Prada outlet store. Space? Only in my wallet!


There is a way for men to get something more than sore feet and an argument out of shopping. We need to get involved. Ask what your better half’s looking for. See if you can find it. I also like to see how many other shoppers I can get in the way of when looking through the racks. Sick, but I find it entertaining.

And that’s my other tip: entertain yourself. There’s no point standing around like one o’ clock half struck. Make the most of your time. Find funny-looking or garish items of clothing and ask your missus’ opinion. I turn it into a bit of a game and try to find the ugliest thing in the shop. As long as I don’t do it too much, Mrs Romance enjoys it and joins in.

Last of all, be self-serving. Like fishing? Look through the earrings. Some of them can be made into excellent lures. Enjoy hiking and camping? Some of the women’s thin leather belts are perfect for strapping stuff down.

Put the ‘access’ back in accessories – what else can women’s incidentals be used for?

Mrs Romance – anything you’d like to add?

“Well, I think that’s the strangest instalment in this series. Earrings as fishing lures? I suppose I’m glad Mr Romance find shopping entertaining. His game of finding the worst thing in the store is quite fun. Much better than men who loiter awkwardly at the front of the store.

I would like to add that not all women are good at shopping, but Mr Romance’s tips can help anyone have fun at when at the shops trying to purchase necessary (or unnecessary) items.”

This is part three of a series to help both the shop-eur and shop-euse out of a potential store-based hissy fit. Want to read part 1? Here it is! And here is part 2.

Images by Mr Romance, modelled by the lovely Mrs Romance.

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