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Mr and Mrs Romance - 10 travel tips for couples

10 Tips for Travelling as a Couple

Travelling as a couple can be a real challenge. We’ve both travelled alone in the past, and we’ve travelled with our families too. But…

Travel Romance

Mr and Mrs Romance - 5 reasons you must visit Marysville Victoria

5 reasons to visit Marysville, Victoria

Nestled in the foothills of the Victorian Alps 2 hours from Melbourne, Marysville has that feel of a quiet little Aussie mountain town. However,…

Mr and Mrs Romance - 37 tips for flying in style

37 tips for flying in style

Flying is something we all do these days. But just because everyone’s doing it, it doesn’t mean that they’re doing it right. Mrs Romance and…

Food and Drink

Mr & Mrs Romance - Gimlet - feature

Scared of scurvy? Get a Gimlet!

Steeped in history, this cocktail is not only over 150 years old, it’s responsible for the nickname ‘Limey’ for the English and brought about…


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