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Romance Media – Mr and Mrs Romance, Hair Romance and Nail Romance – is all run from our home here in Sydney. We thought you might like to see a bit behind the scenes; where we create what you love to read.

Welcome to Romance HQ!

Mr and Mrs Romance - Home Tour - Bar room We love our little flat in the heart of Sydney. We’ve been here for about six years now, and we’re still not bored of it. One of the key ingredients in our happiness here is this view we often work from. Mr and Mrs Romance - Home Tour - Sunroom views

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Winter Escapes: a Coogee Beach stay-cation

by Mr Romance on July 22, 2014 · 1 comment

in Travel

We love a stay-cation. There’s something about having a holiday in your own town…

Mr and Mrs Romance - Winter escapes - Coogee Staycation We both love going to the beach in the winter. For Mrs Romance it’s the lack of crowds and the way the ocean looks. She loves the crisp sunny days where the water sparkles but where she can still wear a coat.

I love it because it reminds me of going to the beach in England. At any time of the year! Actually it reminds me of getting out and about in the middle of winter. We’d all get a bit of cabin fever, and would pile into the car and drive to the beach and ‘get some fresh air!’

We’ve never really explored Coogee much before. We know it’s pronounced “could-jee” and that locals get upset when you get it wrong. We know there’s a lovely beach there. We know the island off the coast is called Wedding Cake Island and we know no one else knows why either.

We know there’s a reasonable fish and chip place at the north end, but other than that… why come to Coogee?

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Our Instagram Diary: a laksa, a cronut and the most amazing Bloody Mary ever

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta diary - 1 Sydney at sunrise

The view of the city from here never gets boring. Especially when I’m looking at it from my bed while Mrs Romance is out and about, running up and down the Fleet Steps in Sydney Botanic Gardens and providing our Instagram account with sunrise photos like this one! There are quite a few things on [...]

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Friday Drinks: Zeta Bar – Apres Ski for winter

Zeta Bar Apres Ski

We always love to see what interesting things the guys at Zeta Bar at the top of Hilton Sydney are going to do next. This winter’s not disappointed with ‘Apres Ski’ every Friday for the next couple of months. The last time we saw Zeta Bar transform it was to the tune of belly dancing [...]

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Home-Made Gluten-Free Granola Recipe with Quinoa and Chia Seeds

Mr and Mrs Romance - how to make easy gluten free granola

Granola is usually made with oats and other grains that contain gluten. But there is a way to make this tasty breakfast dish so that it’s safe for the celiac suffers and gluten-sensitive people among us to eat… Ever since Mrs Romance found out she was gluten intolerant, we’ve been looking around for gluten-free options [...]

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Sydney’s best brunches: Kazbah, Balmain

Mr and Mrs Romance - Kazbah Balmain review

With so many options for breakfast and lunch in Sydney, finding something that really stands out is quite an achievement. We think we’ve done just that though at Kazbah in Balmain. Angry ol’ Joe Strummer from ‘80s punk band The Clash wanted to ‘Rock the Casbah’. Perhaps that’s because the food wasn’t any good there! [...]

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Our Instagram diary: a Braid Bar, a book and a bowl-a granola

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta diary - 1 title sunrise over Sydney

Winter’s really set in here in Sydney now. I mean it’s no European winter – I remember reading about a place in far-eastern Russia called Chukotka where it goes to -49dC – but still, a low of 7dC is cold enough to chill your nose. It’s the one time of year that us Sydneysiders can [...]

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Friday Drinks: Young Henrys Brewery (and distillery!), Sydney

Mr and Mrs Romance - Young Henrys Bar Newtown

Sydney’s Inner West is arguably the city’s hipster hub. And at its beardy, plaid-shirted epicentre is a brewery. Young Henrys Brewery, to be exact. A place of beer. A place of dreams! Tucked away in the backstreets of Newtown, Young Henrys has grown to be one of the pillars of the Australian craft beer industry. [...]

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Where to relax in paradise: Ikatan Balinese Day Spa, Noosa, Queensland

Mr & Mrs Romance - Ikatan - title

I love going to spas. For one, it sheds a bit of light on how the other half live. And by ‘other half’, I mean women, of course! For another, it’s absolutely awesome being pampered. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m a manly kinda guy. I can talk sport and use an axe, I can [...]

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How to take photos of lightning with your iPhone!

Mr & Mrs Romance - 1 Lightning title

I reckon I’ve wasted so much time over the years trying to take a picture of lightning. I’ve even tried to take screen-shots of video footage. It always looked rubbish. I used to be quite scared of storms when I was a kid. I think most kids are. But then my mum took me out [...]

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